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SteamingbadNovember 4, 2012

I bought 2 full size couches for the deal at 268 each plus the delivery and warranty for a total of 812. After the bad delivery, which the the guys had a very had time and almost ripped the couches. My gf and I were having backs pain while sitting or laying on them for long periods of time. I tried to return them after 7 days. I was told to go through the warranty company. They told me I was stuck with them due not returning them in 7 days and they couldn't make couches which are comfortable for everyone. I had a choice to exchange the couches and pay a additional 450 for couches that were not what I was looking for. I had to cut a piece of plywood to put in each couch to prevent the rear of the couch from sagging. Made a big difference but doing this with 2 couches that are 2 weeks old.... REALLY..... I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN. HOPE THIS KEEPS U FROM BUYING JUNK.

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Steamingbad I would go back to the store and ask them for a store credit towards another purchase. They would be more likely to do this than a refund. Quite frankly your not going to get much of a sofa for $268. I think at a minimum to get something decent you are going to be in the $599 area for a sofa with a plywood frame and no sag springs. When you go back to the store and look at other sofas take off the cushion and see how the springs are with the cushions off. As far as them telling you to contact the warranty this is not something a warranty company like Guardsmen or Guardian would cover. They cover accidental damage and they might cover frame and springs. I suspect the springs are not broken just lower quality springs and lower quality cushions. You could even contact Ashley. You might be better off buying one better quality sofa at lets say $1000 than two sofas such as the ones you purchased.

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Hi Freethinker, no offense, but it doesn't seem like very helpful advice to suggest spending four times as much money on a couch just to make sure the company you're buying from treats you with respect. Steamingbad already paid nearly $1,000 for delivery and warranty on the couch, and then had to spend even more money when it didn't work out. It seems to me that the issue here isn't even that the couch wasn't the most amazing couch in the world; it's the way Ashley Furniture reacted when he realized the couch wasn't what he was looking for. I for one appreciate this's always good to know when a company isn't treating their clients with respect.

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Cathy good point.

I understand that if a person pays $268 for a sofa or $2680 for a sofa it's probably a lot of hard earned money for that person.

And the manufacturer and the store should have responded to the problem with the sofa.

My only point was, that as a buyer it's difficult in today's marketplace to find a good quality product in that price range from a buyers persepctive which is true with anything you buy.

The consumer today is looking for good value at a good price, whatever price range they are in.

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Sure, the manufacturer and the store should have responded to the problem with the sofa.I think that sometimes Ashley is really unprofessional. And it is not just your and my opinion, guys. Just have a look.
If you would like quality and reliable company, it is definitely better to turn to another one. And I would recommend to look online reviews and complaints beforehand

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