I am saying farewell here----

nana-sandyAugust 4, 2007

because it is just dead---no one is posting anything. How disappointing when there is so much that could be said...

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Sorry to see you go. This is a quiet forum. There's a lot of action on the garden side as well as the kitchen and cooking forums and hot topics. Since many of those forums also have a conversation forum, a lot of people post their questions and problems there, so their forum friends can respond.

You might want to watch those and see if anything interests you there.

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Is there a way to increase who sees this forum?
I stop in from time to time but have never actually seen much going on.

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...and don't forget the active Quilting forum...nice gals who welcome new people, shares quilting tips and patterns, etc!


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Just discovered this forum so normally would lurk for a while before posting. I think if you have something to post about, do it. Maybe you'll trigger postings. Postings and reading them take time.

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