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jetsfanDecember 7, 2007

I havent seen this topic posted here before, so I thought I would inquire and see if I can get an answer. My father has a garage door opener that is hard wired, but recently he learned that the there is a problem with the wires that lead from his condo to the garage. It would cost a great deal for electricians to replace the wiring, as apparently the homeowners association wont cover the repairs.

Im just wondering if there are garage door openers that are strictly battery powered. I've heard of ones with battery backup systems attached, but im unaware of ones which have that as the primary power source. It would be ideal if we could simply buy a power unit that could attach to our existing door opener, as the current one works fine..its just the power issue. Of course we will consider replacing the entire unit if thats neccessary.

I admit I have little knowlege about this and so far the people i've asked dont know. I can get the make and model of our current system and post here if that helps, but beyond that all I know is that the opener is of the slide drive type with a metal rolling door. If anyone could provide some advice about this I would be extremely grateful.

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There are no battery powered door openers. Even the one you referred to with the battery backup must be plugged in to keep the battery charged.

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