41a4315-7d sear garage Blinking LED

igotchaDecember 5, 2008

Have a sears garage door that will not close unless you hold the interior button down. I notice a amber LED on the back of the unit next to Red button to sync the remotes that is flashing 4 times. It has a D14 listed next to it. I have an ideal door next to it that operates fine. If I block the sensor on the working door, I notice the Amber light only flashes once. Is there any trouble shooting code indicating what 4 blinks are for? I did notice that the floor sensors one is green light and one is amber. The green one as never been on and always opened and closed fine.


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The code for the LED flashing 4 times is "misaligned door sensors." Tweak the sensors until the small light on each one is on. They will not work otherwise.

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