Great ways to bond with your grandchildren

MargStoneJuly 8, 2014

What are fun activities that do you do to bond with your grandchildren?

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I have two grandchildren that are very close to me. Every weekend we do gardening, walking in the park with our dog and I also teach them crossword puzzles. I love doing crosswords since I was in college. I do them in my daily newspaper and I also print some at My favorite puzzles was from USA TODAY.

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Affection grows when you share activities. Sometimes you join their world and play CandyLand and video games.

But it's just as valuable to teach them about your adult world like SteveJackson does: sharing a love of gardening and crossword puzzles.

Kids love being let into the 'secret world' of adults. Share what's special to you, no matter what it is, is valuable and appreciated.

I have a neighbor who collects military uniforms from the civil war on, specializing in WWII uniforms. You'd think that'd be boring, but his enthusiasm makes it fun for his grandchildren, and it makes him different from every other grandfather in the world.

I had one grandmother who painted china. She loved it and shared it with me. I loved the smell of the paints and the tubes of powdered colors and smearing the paint on china. It never became my thing, but I loved doing it with her. Great memories. The other grandmother read books and redecorated her house over and over. She shared her current reading with me, drawing me up to her level, never talking down to me about the adult reading matter but finding ways to make whatever she was reading interesting. And she showed me paint samples and swatches and discussed them with me like I was an adult.

That's the thing, sharing your hobby like the child was an adult.

The painting grandma would get on the floor and play games and go swimming and be silly with us. The reading grandma NEVER, but she showed us how the organ worked with all the weird buttons that made strange sounds and even on rare occasions let us push some keys.

Painting grandma was warm and laughing; reading grandma was reserved and introverted; I doubt she ever hugged me or even held my hand my whole life and I am certain she never once kissed me. I adored them both. I have wonderful memories of both. Painting grandma was my father's mother and we saw her less. Reserved grandma lived around the corner.

Their best gifts were sharing themselves and being interested in whatever interested me. Share what you love most--it opens your grandchild's world and they will never forget it.

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I have a niece who is young enough to be my granddaughter. We've cooked together since she was quite small (she's now 12), play outdoor sports and games like hide and seek or softball (though I haven't a chance of catching her when running), go for bike rides or walk or in winter ice skate, sing rounds, read together (even as a 12-year-old she loves to have books read aloud or even alternating reading pages.) On rainy days we may watch a movie together, play board games or Wii games or we may go to a concert or museum together.

We live several hundred miles apart, so between visits we mostly communicate by email. I loved getting post cards from my grandparents as a kid, and I figure email is the modern equivalent.

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Thank you BananaBread. Nowadays, it is also important to teach our young ones to be independent and to think logically.

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