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cocoonerJuly 9, 2004

Those of you who are about 35-55 minutes from your grandchild's home, how often do you see each other? How long are your visits?


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i keep my youngest gd almost every weekend. i insist that my daughter brings here to my home on friday afternoon. i never, ever, never had anybody help me with my kids as they grew up, and i was a little resentful. i want to make sure my kids dont ever feel that. but they are young, and i feel that for three days of freedom, they can bring them to my house.
i do have another gd that lives in the same town as the first, (abt 20 miles away) and due to circumstances, i only see her on her birthday. i could go there much more often, but dont feel a warm fuzzy from the other grandparents. i always leave her feeling terribly sad.
i guess it is just a matter of how comfortable you feel around the kids and parents, and also how much time you can give to a grandbaby.
it is different for all of us.


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I try to see the grandkids about once a week, and usually offer to babysit so parents can have an evening to themselves once in a while.

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I keep my little grand-daughter while the parents work. I usually keep her a day or two per week. But we can get her anytime we want. The kids always bring her to our house. We live about 30 minutes away from each other.


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