1/2 HP Craftsman Garage Door Will Not Program Remotes -- Help

ef21December 10, 2006

I've been having an extremely frustrating time trying to program a remote. The model number on the 1/2 HP GDO is 13953638SRT, I have one remote that works fine but need another one. The remote I have that works fine is grey with blue buttons. I purchased the exact same remote from with the same serial numbers on the back (security +) but the motor unit would not program it. The motor unit has a green LED light, next to the learn button and I followed the instructions to program to the letter. Next I tried a billion code remote (gray with gray buttons). Same results. Finally I tried a universal remote. Nothing. Then I decided to try to clear the memory by pushing the learn button for 6 seconds. It doesn't even erase the memory, (old remote still works) and it still wont program a new one.. I'm beginning to thinki I need to change the entire unit. Any suggestions?????

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To erase the memory push in on the learn button and hold until the light goes out, I am not sure how long it is something like 10 seconds. If you have a green LED then your unit is not compatable with security plus. I am not sure what the part number is that you need, maybe Don can tell you he is better with the sears part numbers than I am.

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Thanks for the response. My problem is that the garage door doesn't want to program new remotes. I pushed the led button until the light went out, but it didn't erase the memory.

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If you can't erase the memory you most likely have a bad logic board.

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