Homelink with Craftsman GDO

seancDecember 6, 2006

I recently purchased a Toyota Prius with homelink and have been attempting to program it to work with my Craftsman Security+ GDO and have been unsuccessful. Homelink successfully reads the code from the remote and I press the learn button and the homelink 3-4 times and it does not operate the door.

I have contacted homelink and ran through the same steps with no success. I already have one vechicle w/homelink that I programmed successfully 2 years ago. I have tested the Toyota on a neighbors non security + (billion code?) GDO and it worked. When someone presses the homelink on the Toyota, I can see the amber LED flash quickly. Is the homelink defective with Security+ ? Anything else I can try before returning it to the dealer.



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I don't know what you are doing wrong on your door if it worked on the neighbors door fine.

I will take you through the steps one more time to make sure you are not missing anything.

1) I always start with the door in the down position. Turn the ignition on and press the desired button on the homelink system and hold it until it starts flashing slowly. ( May take a while )

2) While still holding in the button on the homelink system put your transmitter up to it and push and hold them both in until it starts flashing quickly. By this time your door should be open.

3) Push the learn button on the back of the opener and go back to the car and push and hold the button you just programmed.

4) You want to get the car as close as you can to the opener.

That should take car of it, unless you have something wrong with the car or opener.

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Problem turned out to be a bad logic board. Replaced the board and everything was fine.

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