What do you think of the quote at the top?

aflowerintheatticJuly 20, 2007

The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy. - Sam Levenson

Which do you consider the common enemy and why?

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I think it's funny, and that Sam Levenson was a very wise and funny son, father and grandfather. You may not have ever seen him, he was very good.

I imagine that there are times when every child and grandparent looks at their parent/child and thinks that they do have a common enemy. But mostly we love them.

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I think it's a poorly chosen quote, because it sets a negative tone. I hope that grandparents gather here to brag about their grandchildren rather than gripe about their grandchildren's parents.

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I think it is horrible because it implies that all parents, including grandparents since we are all still parents, are horrible people. I honestly think that it should be removed

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I see it for what it is: tongue-in-cheek humor. Kids notoriously go through a period where they "don't like" their parents and rebel against them. Grandparents steroetypically disagree with things their kids are doing while raising their grandchildren or they have some other issues with their children regarding their grandchildren (just look at the postings in this forum and you'll see that's true!!) It's just making light of that.

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I think it's a horrible quote with negative overtones. It should be removed.

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I think it's funny, I for one think of my sons as enemies. They would suck up our money like a vacum if I let them, so would my husband's kids. And I think one of the major problems in the world is no sense of humor. The negative part of that quote is in how it is received by some of you.

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I think it is great and should be taken as he meant it. We should look at it with an open mind and sense of humor. I believe that is how he meant it. Life is simply too short. Most of us here are/have been kids, parents and grandparents and CAN relate. I thought my dad was the enemy all of my life and had good reason to but now that my son is a parent he surely isn't 'the enemy' but some day his daughter may think so and I will be there as a sounding board to listen to her - yet defend 'the enemy' :) - after all he is my son and I've been his parent - and at times 'the enemy'. We almost can consider the mom the enemy considering the relationship between the DDIL and the DMIL - you all might consider reading The Other Woman by Elizabeth Graham - many of us can relate to that! So - take it with a grain of salt and enjoy. :)

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Probably most of the people writing here never saw Sam Levenson on TV. His witticisms were like Mark Twain's , humorous but with a ring of truth that most folks could relate to. It's a joke, folks, lighten up and get real.
It's also very true.

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