Wrong way garage door opener

brianfromhornellDecember 16, 2006

I just installed a Craftsman 1/2hp opener. When activated, the chain and pulley system moves initially toward the garage door versus opening the door. The trolley system goes up to the stop bolt, the system "bunches" and then the trolley moves in the right direction. I installed the second opener and that works fine - so I have the pulley system definitely set up right. Why does this happen?

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Take your chain off the the sprocket. Grab one of your remotes. Get on a ladder behind your opener facing towards the door. If you are facing the door looking down at the drive sprocket, hit your transmitter until the sprocket is turning clockwise and let it run till it stops by itself. This will set the opener on the down limit. Reattach your chain and it should pull the door up when you hit it again and then you can set the limits.

Good Luck

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Thank you very much! That worked perfectly. Appreciate the advice offered.

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