Pennsylvania House

jolynukNovember 14, 2009

We recently purchased a dining room set from PH through a Canadian department store. Upon delivery, I was dismayed to see Made In China stamped all over the set, and discover that it was a pre-fab set with assembly instructions much like IKEA. I wish I had come across this forum rather than relying on the misleading advertising on the company's website. Pennsylvania House is clearly no longer a manufacturer of furniture, and essentially a distributor.

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I believe Lazy Boy bought them out, a few years back.

Nuff said.

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I believe Lazy Boy bought them out, a few years back.

Sure did. Then they laid off all the Pennsylvania House employees and closed the factory.

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Universal Furniture bought the Pennsylvania House brand. It is all made in China now.

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Yea a lot of fine "old name" companies do the same thing. Unfortunately, they still ride on the trust built in the past and grossly overcharge for stuff that's only a step or two above Walmart quality.

You might consider finding a local craftsman to build you something custom. I've done things for people, on occasion for less than they were about to spend on Chinese crap sold in a once-good-name gallery store

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Don't you just hate seeing that China stamp on everything? It so irritates me. The companies that use to stand for quality are now standing for greedy executives selling out jobs for lousy quality goods. Time after time you see problems with things made in China. I have been finding a few companies that are making their furniture in the US, but I've not found anything that I like yet. I read that some leather sofas from China were sprayed with a toxic fungicide and now some people have had breathing problems and severe burns from contamination. I am trying to avoid products from China, but it is very difficult to do.

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The state of Pennsylvania should sue Lazy boy and Universal Furniture for using the states name when it in fact is no longer produced in that state. Lazy boy just wanted to reduce its competitors by buying PA House, then it destroyed its name and quality.

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