I can't see my grandson &my daugters stole from me

tylersgramJuly 2, 2009

My daughter won't let me see my grandson. I raised him for over 6yrs. I cared for him when he was sick, took him for all his shots, took him everwhere with me. His heart's broken and wants to see me so my ex-son-in-law has permitted me to see him 2xs so far. I was used to putting him to bed, getting him ready for school, helping with homework and summers were spent at the pool and lake. I've taken him on vacations. Basically i didn't go anywhere without him. My daughter didn't want to care for him. She convinced me to build a house with her. Bad mistake. She owned the property and it was never transferred into my name.The loan was. Long story short, she threw me out and is refusing to give me any money i have invested in house, which is everything. I am now broke and living in a trailer. She is not a good mother. A showy one. Buy him a gas quad at age 6 but won't help him with homework. Men and alchohol place higher than her son and she has told him so. I have had to step in many times when she was whacking him in the head as she was telling him she was going to f#####n kill him. I raised her better than that. She threw me out of the house and I left and then she tried to press charges against me for taking my furniture, fridge, etc. I moved into a trailer and she was living in a 5000 square foot house on 11.5 acres with a 12 stall horse barn 5 horses, a mercedes hard top sports convertible and a new ford explorer. The 1st flr was to be rented out for 1,450.00, furnished. But since i was leaving i was taking my furniture with me. She tried to have me arrested for taking my own belongings. I spoke to a detective and he said she illegally evicted me and as far as he was concerned this case was closed. But it hurt to think she would do that to me. I've given her over $300,000.00. I know you all think i'm crazy. But i did hire a lawyer to do the closing and the land was supposed to be transferred into both our names. So i thought i was investing. I was conned by my own daughter, a person I would have trusted with my life. But I am a Christian and money doesn't mean anything to me. So she can have it, God will provide for my needs. But that she would not allow my grandson to call hurts, not just me, but him. He cries everytime I do get to talk to him, he doesn't understand why he can't see me. Why he has to drive around with his mother instead of going swimming with me. He has also had to witness her being hit by her boyfriend. I am beside myself. Has anyone else been through anything like this. Has anyone been to court for grandparents rights......I waited 4 months for her to calm down.....she hasn't. Actually I thought about suing her for the money but she will take it out on my grandson. I am worried about him. She drinks and takes ambien and can't remember anything. I have called social services but unless they see bruises they don't care. They don't care about the damages to his mind. He is getting progressivly worse with, lying, stealing, acting out in aggression. My hands are tied.

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If you have th money hire a good lawyer. In many states grandparebts do have rights to having time with their grand children. I'm so sorry for you and your grandson. Can you talk to your daughter? try and get it through her head the only one she is hurting by not allowing her son to see you is HIM!..

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Also ask the lawyer about the house. Do you have any proof--reciepts and such that show you did put money into the house. Can you go to the builder and get some? Do you have bank records that show how much money you had and when it was taken out? Do you have the papers the lawyer gave you that you signed.

If you don't have money to hire a lawyer look into legal aid.

Do not feel bad that you are doing this to your daughter. I know it kills a mother, but you have to be strong for the boy. In order to pursue this and not hurt the boy, you have to be as sneaky as she is--let on to her that you don't want to be responsible for the boy. Make sure it is only to her and there are no witnesses. Do notunder any circumstance say anything like that on the phone she could be taping it.

If you can ever get the boy alone tell him this has nothing to do with him and you will always love him.

Good luck

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