Chenile/Shenile? fabric sofa

stonedudeNovember 25, 2009

I'm a stone guy, this stuff is over my head.

I recently traded some work for a set of sofas from a high end designer. I did a little research before agreeing to the deal. They arent worth nearly what she was making them out to be, but for what she was asking it was still a fair deal.

the only issue is we have a new puppy, he's just turning 6 months. the little turd already chewed through a corner on one of the cushions. it looks like it can be repaired by someone that knows their way around a sewing machine.

my question is whats the deal with this stuff? can it be cleaned? how? how to take care of it? did I get in over my head?

My fiance kinda nudged me to make the deal and we love the couches, but we want to take care of them.

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just vacuum the cushions to keep them free of debris and have them professionally cleaned when you feel the need. my chenille sofa is a dark burgundy color and coming up on 10 years old. the fabric is fine but i'm bored with it. it will be reupholstered in the spring; it's seen tougher times in recent years since our two kids came along, though. there are of course more durable fabrics but it's safe to say your sofas are covered in upholstery weight chenille so you can expect it to hold up at least until you get tired of looking at it.

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ours are a silver/pewter color.

have you had yours professionally cleaned? how much does that run?

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it's been so long i can't remember -and i imagine cost depends on your area. i can't say chenille is different from any other upholstery fabric though. you'd have to get it cleaned eventually.

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I professionally clean upholstery. Chenille is one of my "problem fabrics." Most stains I see - food, beverage, and body fluids are all water-based and clean poorly, if at all with solvent cleaners. Meaning, they need to be water cleaned and rayon chenille does not take kindly to water.

It can also mat down over time in heavy use areas such as seat cushions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chenille cleaning

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