Any buying experience with Lenoir Empire Furniture in TN?

snowangNovember 24, 2011

Interested in getting a Hickory White king bed and offered $5,540 shipped. I was checking for other dealers for HW and found a small one called Lenoir Empire Furniture based in TN. They offered an unbelievably low price of $4,840 shipped for the exact same finish & fabric. LexFurniture would not match that price. There hasn't been any discussion of Lenoir on the forum. The only information I was able to find were two complaints on BBB, one product related and the other billing issues. But they are still rated A+.

Does anyone have experience dealing with Lenoir? Good or bad - any information would be helpful. $700 difference is big enough that I may want to take the risk with a less known dealer. But just thought I'd check with you guys first.

Happy Turkey Day!

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I'd like to know too. I recently got a quote from Lexington, Green Front, and Lenoir Empire. Lexington was $1700 higher than Lenoir Empire. Green Front was $250 higher than Lenoir Empire. I cannot figure out why there was such a big price difference.

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As with anything you get what you pay for. In my experience when retailers are giving very rock bottom pricing it raises a red flag.

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I have bought several pieces of Hancock and Moore furniture from Lenoir Empire furniture in Johnson City and have several more pieces of Marge Carson and Hancock and Moore coming. I can say that their prices are at least 40 to 50% less than your local furniture store and they are cheaper than the other furniture stores in and around the North Carolina area. More importantly, they are very trusting and easy to deal with. They ordered over $20k worth of furniture for me without asking for a single cent in deposit. And, when a bed I ordered came in that was defective, they ordered me a new bed without giving me a hassle. I live in Houston so everything is done sight unseen. The owner, Walter, has sent me wood and leather samples so I don't have to go to my local furniture store. Further, he has compensated me financially for when mistakes were made on their end, even without my asking. Everyone I've dealt with at Lenoir Empire Furniture has been very friendly and down to earth. One has to understand that they are a family run business and there are times when they get busy so you may have to follow up with them instead of waiting for them to contact you. I'm glad that I found them as I will be ordering all my furniture from them from now on.

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Here's another vote for Lenoir. We bought a bedroom set from them about 6 years ago. Great service and a great price. They delivered up to the NYC area. The driver opened everything before he took the check. Then he set up everything for us. It was perfect. Would do it again.

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Yeah I have a buying experience, absolute nightmare. I ordered a Hancock and Moore September sofa from these guys because they were willing to beat Annie's furniture price. Two re-deliveries later I am being forced to accept a sofa that is nothing like what I ordered. I suggest calling around before purchasing and paying a premium to do business with a company you trust. When it comes to high end furniture its not all about price

- Debbie

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Could you tell me if you buy furniture from Lenoir Empire Furniture in TN? Do you have good experience there? I am thinking order something. They did offer much better price than Goods Home Furniture. Thank you

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I've made three separate with them in the last four years and have been extremely pleased with their prices & services. They have incredible prices and will not price match anyone, that's their policy...I've tried:) Items have arrived in tact and within their estimated time frame. I had one problem with an ottoman, mostly due to mfg. and they were on top of them getting the item through production. Though I live in Nashville, I stopped in their store to pick up an item (save on shipping) in East TN and they're totally legitimate! I've met the owner, Walter and salespeople Linda & Sloan -all really nice people. In process now of making yet another any good consumer get all your orders in writing and not over the phone-that's just obvious!

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Yes, bought a lot of furniture, good prices but service is sketchy. Also the person I worked with was suddenly fired and they still owe me money for a rug I returned. 6 months have passes with no explanation or renumeration. I would treed carefully. they are probably not worth the $700 difference -- you will end up paying it some other way.

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