Overhead Door brand unit stops going down

hoosier3December 13, 2006

I have an Overhead Door Brand Model 551, 1/2 hp unit, pulling a heavy 2 car door. It's probably 8-9 years old. When it starts down, it goes about 2 feet and then reverses. If we hit the remote control at that magic point it stops and then we hit the RC again and it goes all the way down. It seems to be worse in colder temps. The light safety sensors are adjusted properly and the sensitivity control is set to the minimum sensitivity, but it does the same thing at all sensitivity settings. Is it fixable or dying and ready for a replacement?



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Disconnect the door from the opener in the down position, then raise it up. Is it hard to pull down manually? Next, I would run the opener without the door connected to it and see how it acts. Does it do the same thing? You have two sensitivity settings up and down. If all the above checks out ok, make sure you are turning the down force up.

If it operates fine manually and the operator won't close it, I would go get you a Liftmaster or a Sears opener and throw the overhead model away.

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Does anybody have a manual, or the wiring diagram for the back panel/ door sensors for this model

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