EX DIL will not let my son see his son

grandma1234July 5, 2012

My Ex DIL recently had a verbal agreement with my son that he would see him 3 times a week and spend every other weekend with him.

All of sudden she has stopped communicating and is texting us the grandparents and not communicating with my son.

My blood is boiling as she believes she can be both mother and father to this child. We will not allow her to manipulate us to get back at our son.

At my wits end......

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When they divorced the judge must of set up who has custody and visitation rights?

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They were never married. This was a verbal agreement. This is why a court order is now necessary. She states that she is the only one who can take care of the child. She is immature and causing our family unnecessary grief. She does not want him taking his son to birthday parties for his friends kids. She does not want him to stay in his Father's home. She has a list of don'ts. She examines the child every time he returns home from our home. Immature behavior is a very dangerous thing.

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Even though they were never married, he still is entitled to see his son. He needs to contact a lawyer. Does he pay child support? What is the attitude of her family? Does the child have health issues? Who pays for his medical? Any signs of abuse: physical, emotional, verbal? Yes he needs legal help.

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