MIL rude to granddaughter

SAG1July 12, 2002

My niece went over to her grandmother's house and came back crying after spending the night. She said Grandma yelled at her constantly for such things like sleeping on the flat sheet, drinking a glass of milk in a plastic cup rather than a glass, and changing the channel of the news station. I am sure she is telling the truth (she is ten) and I always sensed my mother does not like her. She favors the grandsons. She even threw a cheap barrette from the dollar store at my niece and said, Happy birthday, and laughed. How should I handle this?

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Remember that a child's definition of "yelling" may not be the same as ours.

About all you can do is try to explain that some people just don't act very nice sometimes. It's one of those lessons of life that we all need to learn early. AND, we can't do much about them, so we have to learn to ignore and not let it hurt us.

I know there is the temptation to speak to Grandma, but I think it would make matters worse. It certainly wouldn't make her feel or act better towards the child.

It's a shame that she is like that and favors the grandsons, but I doubt if anything you say or do will change her.

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This brought up memories of my own childhood...I guess something like that won't warp a child didn't me, but I "do" still retain the memories...and I'll tell you true...none of "my" grandchildren are going to have memories like that of me. I was sixty years old before I realized the old woman we used to call, "Ma Harry" was my great-grandmother! One of my cousin's asked me who I "thought" she was (I was about ten or twelve when she died). I said, "I thought she was some old woman who didn't like me." I don't ever remember a kind look or smile..let alone a hug. She was a mean old bag, but I don't think it warped me for having experienced it. You should talk to your niece about it..and maybe joke about it a little...and be very kind to her yourself...children of that age "do" remember what goes on around them. Yep..brought back memories....

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