1/3hp craftsman gdo problem help help

hubmachineDecember 1, 2008

serial #139.663953

This am wife went out and opened the door. the chain came off track.

This evening when i got home from work I reinstalled the chain.

I then engaged the door with the chain. I pressed both buttons on the wall mounted switch. The door closed.

I hit both switches again and nothing happened. I did this a few times and still nothing. I then pulled on the cord which disconnects the door from the chain and it popped like it was under pressure. I then hit both buttons on the wall mount and the motor just hummed. It eventually stopped. I pressed the buttons again and the motor began to hum again but not move.

Does anyone have anything to suggest? Any help woould be most appreciated.

Many thanks


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Sounds like your chain and the limits are out of sync. Take the chain off the sprocket over the motor and run the opener until the sprocket has turned counterclockwise and stopped.
With the door open reinstall the chain. Everything should be back in sync but you may have to tweak the up and down limits a bit.

The chain coming off the sprocket is not a normal problem by any means. It is usually caused by the bearings around the shaft the sprocket is attached too being bad. You have a really old opener and now may be the time to upgrade to the safer models.

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