Craftsman Garage Door Opener - remote quit working

cookie429December 6, 2006

My wireless remote quit working for my garage door opener. It is a Liftmaster single button transmitter (61LM). I replaced the battery and the red light on the remote lites up when I push the button, but the garage door doesn't open.

Through searching online I found that I may need to reset my garage door opener's code. I have been looking for the "learn button" (AKA SRT button?) but I can't find it anywhere! I have taken off the case of my opener system and found nothing. The system is a Sears Craftsman 1/2 HP, model 139.53600. I imagine it is pretty old (it was here when I bought the house).

I know little about mechanical endeavors, so any advice is appreciated! Can someone help me find my learn button? Or am I barking up the wrong tree completely?

Thanks in advance-

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If you stand facing your door, look on the back of the opener. Where all those wires go there should be a small round green or yellow button push it then push the button on your transmitter and you will here the garage door opener click and the lights should flash. Should work for you.

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I am having the SAME problem with the same machine!!

My remote and outdoor keypad stopped working recently! And although I can open/close with the main button, it is inconvenient to not have the remotes working to say the least. I have found the learn button (it is red and on the left side of the machine, hidden if you have a light bulb in) Anyway, previously, I have been able to fix the remotes with the learn button, but it is just not happening now. I am annoyed that with two new batteries and a remedy that has worked in the past, I can no longer get them to work! Any ideas?

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lstamand it sounds to me like the receiver portion of your logic board has quit. Sometimes things break and must be replaced.

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