Looking For Italian Tile

rodanielJune 7, 2010

I'm attempting to find a specific tile that was previously installed in a home that my family very recently bought.

The previous homeowners left a (only) single tile behind, so from the writing on the back, I believe it is Cermiche Faro brand. The only other markings are the word "Porcellanato" and "L 1300°." These tiles are roughly 16" with a slightly wavy, chiseled edge. Here's a photo of the single tile:


And here are two other photos of areas of the floor showing the variations - there seems to be 4 slightly different color variations repeated throughout the field:



(Ignore the gorgeous, gleaming stainless washer/dryer set - they were the previous owner's set. Ours is a reliable, old Tappan pair that I've been babying along for 16+ yrs!)

I'd appreciate any assistance anyone could provide! We have a couple of bathroom cabinetry renovations planned but they'll require some tile patching so I'm kinda in a jam to find this tile or something that's close enough of a match.

I was told by a Home Depot guy that this was a special order tile that they did carry, but it was discontinued at least a year (maybe 2-3) ago.

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I am looking for this EXACT tile too! Did you ever have any luck in find it?

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Your best bet is to find a tile company, not a box store and maybe they can match it. Tiles have the biggest turn around for changing the look. I would stay away from ordering directly over seas.

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