If I had a nickel for.....

kathyg_in_miDecember 25, 2008

every question/problem about Craftsman garage door openers on these forums, I think I'd be rich. Will never buy one for sure!!!!

Kathy G in MI

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I don't know if postings in an online forum is a statistically valid way to evaluate the quality of a product. I would imagine that Craftsman garage door openers are a pretty popular brand so it's logical to conclude that one might see more questions about Craftsman than a less popular brand.

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You took the words out of my mouth, Kathy. I've been pleased with the Genie Excelerator that my house came with. Quiet and fast. I've only seen a couple Craftsman door openers in my life, so although they may be popular, you have to ask yourself...are they THAT popular? This forum is flooded with them. haha!

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If I had a nickel for every time my Craftsman garage door closed with the first attempt in 2008, I would have $1.00. The thing hates me. Feelings are mutual. Maybe 2009 will be better. LOL

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In defense of the Craftsman openers, I have two ten year old openers on my doors that work great! One, on a smaller door, get's the most use as it gets treated as a walkthrough for everything I need to do in the front yard. It must get used 10 times a day! I think one great maintenance idea everyone should do is to disengage the lift and roll the door up and down by hand a few times. The opener should not have to lift the door. That's what the springs are for. In ten years I have adjusted the springs twice to maintain fingertip lifting and closing. Do your doors open and close that easily? If they don't, you are depending on your opener to do a job for which it was never intended.

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