Am I crazy to do Slipcovers in Chenille?

domesticahOctober 6, 2010

Hi there, I am new here and hoping I could get some advice. I apologize for the long post. The first part is about fabric, then second part about brands.

Should I do a Chenille Slipcover? I really wanted to do a pottery barn style sectional for our family room but with two very active boys (6 & 8) I cannot see doing canvas and having it look nice or last long. So I was thinking of doing the slipcovers in a chenille -- but I haven't seen this anywhere. Is this because it looks strange or is ill-fitting? Should I just give up the idea of a slipcover and do the upholstered sofa with a skirt?

Part II. I have read the posts on Lee, Rowe and Clayton Marcus and I am consdering one of the above for a family room sectional (I know the arguments against sectionals, but it works in our space and we are not moving). I am having a bit of a decision making problem b/c I can't decide whether to go with the lee which is 2 x the price of the rowe. We have a friend in the furniture business and he said that Rowe quality is fine and that they have a good product. We had a "Domain" sofa for 12 years and while the back pillows are looking a little crushed, overall it held up pretty well and we were happy with it. I can't imagine this will be a forever couch, but I want something that will withstand some jumping on (when my back is turned) and look nice and last 10 years.

Here are the sofas I am considering (sorry I don't know how to insert a link), Rowe Masquerade Slipcovered, Rowe Mayfield Upholstered, Clayton Marcus Upholstered and Lee Industries 2375: (slipcovered) (upholstered)

Thanks in advance for your help and advice!!!

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Thinking about chenille bedspreads from my long ago youth, I would think it would wear down in the places most sat on and not look as nice after a while. Also I would think active boys would snag the chenille bits and pull long strings which would not look good.

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hi, i do lots of chenille slipcovers and just love using them. check out my stuff at or my blog
i just soooo love chenille :-)

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Love chenille! I have a leather sectional in my familyroom now and a chenille sofa and loveseat in my livingroom. I always had chenille while my kids and were growing up. They would eat on the sofa, color, polish their nails, etc. and the sofas always looked brand new. I would blot spills with a damp papertowel. There isn't a more forgiving fabric for sofas IMHO. And if you have pets (I have a 20 yr. old spoiled cat), their nails will not pull the fabric. Also, the most comfortable!

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Oh, I beg to differ.

Here is a link that might be useful: Why does my chenille fabric have these light spots?

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