Craftsman 139.53600 Opener, 3 button remote stopped after battery

valhalla3December 5, 2013

My remote is an older Craftsman 3 button remote with dip switches on the circuit board. I took it apart to clean it as the buttons were sticking. I did not touch the dip switches and nothing happened that would change anything on the remote. When I put it back together and tried it with the door, it would not respond. The red led on the remote was bright but the opener would not respond. When I was taking it apart, before I got the battery out I accidentally hit the button and it opened the door. The hard wired switch next to the door works. I do not see any learn button or anything. I unplugged opener and removed battery from remote for 30 seconds as suggested to reset. Still does not work. It makes no sense as I did not do anything to the remote to change anything. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you! Valhalla

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My suggestion is you trade a few bucks for a fast upgrade that takes the old remote out of the picture.

You can buy a new receiver at most home centers that has all the high security feature, comes with one or two remotes, and will work with the transmitters built into many newer vehicles. You wire it into the old power head as if it were a wall button. It's neat, easy, secure, and fairly cheap.

Worth considering provided the power head is in good shape.

Since it just wires in like the wall switch, any brand will work. One example is Chamberlain Universal Radio Control Replacement Kit, $57 at Lowes.

Note: Safety regs get stricter all the time. Newer units may have less range by design, but still work.

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