Need help deciding what floor to put in

ChiefMJune 25, 2013

Hello all! I posted this in the remodeling section before I saw there was a flooring forum.

I have been doing a lot of research about flooring and can not decide which one I should decide on. Initially I really prefered a solid hardwood, but after reading up on it and researching it, I dont think that would be best for my home sense I am on a slab foundation. I was reading that solid hardwood is risky for a slab install. Also, I have a 4 year old boy and a 80 lb chocolate lab that can get excited while playing with my son as well as when people come up to the door. I am afraid that my floors will get ruined in no time with that combo.
I had a co-worker tell me about stranded bamboo and that is was supposed to be really hard because of how it is made. I have read a lot of things and some people love it and say it it really durable, and others say it is not good at all and wish they never went with bamboo.

I also came across cork floors and I have been leaning towards this option the most because of the good things I have seen written on it and I like the fact it can be put in bathrooms and kitchens and is soft under foot. Also, it is slab install friendly. Some downfalls, I still have to convince my wife she likes how it looks, and since I dont think many people get cork installed, I am not sure if my local flooring companies know enough about this product to make me feel good about having them install it.

What do you guys think I should do?

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I too wanted wood floors but because we have 2 dogs (a 35 lb and 15 lb) and the way they tear around the house, we decided to go with bamboo. We are deciding between Calibamboo and Teragren. Calibamboo seems to have the hardest finish, but Teragren has the best color I like. I think the Teragren is more expensive. I've gotten several samples of each and put them through my pen and knife test that a wood floor wouldn't survive. So many decisions!

Cali has cork also. I'm not a Cali rep, I'm just doing my research. Remember, not all bamboo is equal, not sure about cork. Haven't posted on these boards for awhile but we are finally able to put new floors in and we are getting so excited!

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Thank you for your reply. I am currently leaning towards either cork or stranded bamboo. The thing I keep reading about bamboo is some people say it is super strong and hard, and others say they thought they were getting something super durable and after a year or so their floors look horrible. I am not sure the exact reasons for them not being happy, it could be the brand they chose, the install was not performed properly or some other reason. I just want to know that my flooring choice will hold up and in 5 years I wont be having to do it again (another reason I would prefer solid hardwood so it could refinish if necessary).

Lots of descissions to make, and at the cost of doing my entire 1st floor, I want to make sure I am choosing the right option.

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I bought my bamboo stand floor at Costco over a year ago, was installed as a floating floor. It looks as good as day it was installed. I have a small dog, and have watched my friends dog who is medium size, neither dog has scratched the floor, in fact I don't think there is a scratch on the floor,(heavy dropped item did chip it). Once my ice maker shot ice when we were gone, I'm happy to say the water did the floor no harm. Im thinking of installing same floor in my den which is on a cement slab, and would also like to put in our mud/laundry room which is also on a cement slab, any thoughts on this in a laundry room?

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Did anyone decide on calibamboo? If so, how is the flooring holding up? Thanks!

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