Chamberlain GDO Remotes Won't Program

schutzhundDecember 12, 2009

I have a Chamberlain 1998 model 2000SDR that started not recognizing the close signal on all remotes, then progressed to now not working altogether. I have repeatedly tried to reprogram the clickers including even buying a new universal remote. None of them will program. New batteries used. I have even done the reset button by holding the learn button for about seven seconds.

When I try to program, at the point that it should acknowledge the programming by one of three methods (lights, opening or clicking), nothing happens 99% of the time. Once or twice it made the lights go on, but the clicker did not work. I have probably done this 50 times or more.

After "programming" the clickers, the two old ones will make the learning light flash while holding down the clicker button (in non-programming mode) in operational mode. It is like it is acknowledging the receipt of the signal, but giving me a raspberry. The new universal makes it do absolutely nothing.

Seems to me that I might need a new logic board. Am I on the right track?

Is there a link somewhere to the service manual so I know how to take it apart?

Any suggestions on where to purchase the parts? I read on this forum that the company I was thinking about using, (and their supposed other name, were not very reputable to buy from.

Appreciate all help, as I need to get this fixed. It is driving my husband nuts!



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The receiver portion of the logic board has quit working. You can buy a logic board from any local opener service company. Sometimes you can call around and get a deal on a used board where they have changed out an opener due to mechanical problems but the electronics are still good.

If you have the replacement board in hand it will be obvious to you how to go about changing it.

Due to the cost and the age of your opener if you can't get a used board you might be ahead replacing the entire unit.

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Thank you. I was afraid it was the logic board. Good idea about calling around for a used board. That's what I will do next.

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