Garage floor and water from snow on car

ekoreillyDecember 7, 2006

I have an issue; when parking the car in the garage, which has snow on it, it melts and "dribbles toward the back of the garage or to the side and also puddles in the middle toward the garage door. there is no center drain hol to the garge (which I thought all garages had)

So what do other do when this happens?

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Buy a squeejee ( have no idea how to spell that ) and squeejee it out.

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Yeah I could, but are there other options? I guess heating the garage to dry faster. I just don't want to have water lflowing all over.

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The slab should have been pitched toawrds the door for drainage.

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Your best bet now is to squeegee the water out. If you heat the garage, (assuming your area uses salt on the roads), you will decrease the life of your car body. Salt combined with heat will speed up the oxidation (rusting) process. If you are going to have a heated garage, then you need to get the salt off of your vehicle by washing it more frequently.

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You could install an interlocking tile floor that is made for garage use. I just ordered Daytona tile and you can order a mixture of tiles, some solid and some perforated. Most people put a strip of the perforated tiles just under where the tires go and put the solid tile everywhere else. Then the water can drain under the tile and evaporate. Also, heating the garage will help alot.

Here is a link that might be useful: where I bought my tile

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