transistion: wood floor to different wood floor

debrak_2008June 25, 2012

We have southern yellow pine in most of our lower level. I are remodeling the kitchen and will be installing a cinnamon stained maple. They are both 2 1/4" and will be running in the same direction.

Should we try to line up the boards where they meet at the dining room or doesn't it matter?

Any photos?


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You could try to line them up. Although you may not be happy with the look. But then again you could. Typically when adding a new section of flooring i use a transition piece. I run one board (depending on the door opening width) perpendicular to both floors. Its a nice break between the two and allows a diffenative difference between both sections. They also have rounded saddles or moldings that can be installed at the junction between the floors. Downside to that is they are not flush with the floor.

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I should have said there will be a transistion piece. I think it will be the rounded type. The older floor is a little wavy.

Even though there will be a transistion piece, just wondering if it would be worth the effort to line them up and how it would look either way. Are the floors too different for it to even matter?

After the kitchen we want to have the old floor refinished with mr. sandless. The floor could be stained darker at that time.

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An ornamental custom header, using yellow pine and the maple.

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