Accent in tile floor with different thickness

thrauliJune 27, 2012

We're replacing tile floor on slab throughout the house. We want to use an accent tile in a picture frame outline in front of the patio doors. Problem is accent tile is 5/8 in. vs floor tile which is 5/16 in. Will we be able to do this? TIA for your help and advice!

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The other way would be easier. :-) You basically need to build up the thinset under the one that's thinner to match the one that's thicker. We did a rug-type pattern with thinner accent tiles on the corners. I used a double layer of Ditra to bring it up higher. If your accent tile is thicker, you'd have to raise the entire rest of the floor. I'd look for a thinner accent tile.

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Thanks for the reply! I figured that would be the answer but was hoping there might be some other solution. The area was originally an outside patio that the PO enclosed, so it has a small slope to it. Maybe if we raise the threshold on the door (which is being replaced) and level out the floor we'll have enough room. Probably wishful thinking, but may have to look into that.

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If you're stuck on the accent tiles, a possible solution would be, using a wet saw with a should be able to run the accent pieces vertically thru the saw. Basically you are "cutting them down to 5/16" to match the field tiles. If you don't have access to a good saw, it might be a bit tedious, but can be done. I've done exactly this several times...

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TileTech-thanks for your response. I'll have to ask if this tile can be cut vertically.

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