Just a proud Granny

ladiegJuly 8, 2005

I just found this site, I have 5 grandchildren, 9 years- 6 1/2 months, our youngest was born in Dec prematurely, only weighed 2 lbs. She is doing fine, we are so thankful for her. She will probably be our last. Our oldest son has 3 they live 100 mi from us, youngest son has 2, they are 30 mi away. I am almost 65. Not a young granny but I keep up. Ladieg

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Hi ladieg -

I just happened to stop by this site and saw your post of several days ago. I'm sorry that you haven't gotten any replies. Some of these "That Home Site" sites don't get much traffic these days.

I'm not a grandmother - in fact, I'm not even a mother. Although I'm 49, I've never had the pleasure of having children (actually, I'm not married, either, so I guess it all fits!).

But I've got children in my life that I adore - my nephew and niece, who are also my Godchildren.

I'm so glad that your little granddaughter, born in December, is well.

And by the way, you ARE a young grandmother as compared to my mother. She was 71 by the time her first grandchild (my nephew) was born! My father was 75.

Congratulations on having such a lovely family.


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Thanks Suzique for your reply. I am really close to my neice and nephew too. My neice has 3 teens, one is a Mother herself now, how time flys.
I have noticed some of the boards are not free, I was wondering why. ladieg

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