Quick Fix for Slippery Garage Floor this Winter?

CassandraDecember 10, 2010

We're in the midst of a Minnesota winter and I remembered what I should have done this summer! With tires coated with slush and snow, my car slips as it enters the garage which has a very slippery concrete floor. I need some fix that will give me traction right inside the garage for the front wheels to grab and pull the car up the very slight incline that leads to the garage. Right now it is too cold and snowy to put down traction tape or any epoxy. Would a heavy duty mat of some type work? It is a very small one-car garage. Any suggestions would be helpful!

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If you use a mat on the slope without anchoring it down, it may get thrown back when the tires get traction on the top and it slips on the floor.

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Hi Marita40! I live in Atlanta, GA and while we don't get anywhere near the snow and ice that y'all get, we had a serious winter storm last week. Once I got the buildup out of the garage, I ended throwing down some gravel (needed more traction than sand and the salt would mess up the finish on the floor). Plus it helped when everything refroze overnight. Stay warm!

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