List of recommended furniture brands in all price ranges

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Brands that are a good buy for the money (i.e. manufacturer is not making an inflated profit). Brands that are more likely to arrive in your home in acceptable condition, sparing you from the saga of returning and waiting redelivery (or worse, fighting with furniture companies over defects).

I'd love to support American manufacturers, but does buying furniture made in USA 100% guarantee no problems? I cannot think of a better way to phrase the question than by comparing with autos. We've had some bad experiences in the past with both furniture and cars. A horribly malfunctioning Pontiac, repeatedly damaged furniture from JC Penney and Sears Homelife. Many years later we tried to buy furniture again with a larger budget...and again had a bitter experience with ethan allen.

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I'm not sure there exists a list like the one you're looking for. For one thing, everybody values things differently: what is most important to one person may not even be a concern for someone else.

Secondly, place of manufacture has no bearing on whether a product is of high quality. Both the Camry and Accord you hold up as examples were likely built in the U.S. The Pontiac you mentioned may have been built in the U.S. -- or in Canada or even in Korea.

In addition, buying from an American manufacturer does not guarantee that the actual piece you buy is made in the U.S. Many companies have moved manufacturing off-shore. Check the actual piece you are buying if local manufacture is critical to you.

Finally, I would recommend searching this forum for information on particular manufacturers or types of furniture in which you're interested. There are some highly-qualified individuals on this forum and many who have had experience with several brands of furniture. You also can search the Web for particular brand names, as well.

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I just found this listing I am very interested in. 100% made in USA. Assemble yourself, delivered UPS. sofa $299, loveseat $229, chair $159, ottoman $79 all have storage under seat, very sturdy, wide selection fabric covers that go on separately with guarantee you can send fabric back for different one if color isn't right, or buy additional fabric covers.

Wish I had known about this before I bought my furniture. what with cats and overweight relatives. I really like the underseat storage. Furniture stores here charge $100-$200 for ottomans without storage under seat, and that is for staple-gun furniture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Reserve Furniture

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Well, for traditional furniture, I'd put Henkel Harris in the Lexus category, but it's made in the USA (Winchester, Virginia, to be precise). My dining room table (solid wild black cherry) is a 1962 HH piece (I bought it used). I've got 3 other HH pieces that are 10-15 years old & they're just youngsters.

NOT cheap, but you can often find used pieces in great condition for reasonable prices -- look for the label/markings. Actually, I still think the pieces I bought new were, while expensive, great values. The HH factory authorized sale ends in a week.

To see what the marks look like on HH pieces, check out Ebay auction #6568527485. Even if you can only find the paper label (altho' the branded wood ID will be somewhere), you can tell the age by the series of numbers above the "Shop Number" -- the first 3 represent the month & year made (367 in the example I posted, so March 1967)

Here is a link that might be useful: Henkel Harris

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For mid price, not entry level, I have had good luck with Rowe upholestry, specifically sofas and chairs and Stanley case goods, specifically dining room furniture. I think my sectional sofa was about $2k and my dining table was $1k. My expecation is that the sofa will last 5 - 7 years and the table would last ten years. I have had the table for 5 years and the sofa for one and so far so good. When I buy cheaper brands I hope for 3 -5 years for a sofa. The sofa gets daily heavy use and the table light use.

Entry level - had Benchcraft sectional paid $1k and it started falling aprat after 2 years with heavy use - pillow backs flattened, staining, stiching coming apart.

For sofas, I look for kiln dried wood frames, 8 way hand tied springs, fabric - pattern matching and W code or WS code for fabric cleaning, flippable sofa cushions and backs. Cushions wrapped before being placed in the cover. for sofas and tables I look for joinery that consists more than just gluing or stapling. If its a very light use item then I do go with the cheaper but for heavier use items I look for the better quality.

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I've had great luck with Amish made furniture. It is usually very solid and pricely reasonably. Don't know if it is available in your area - most popular in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

We purchased our master bedroom set from JCPenney 10 years ago, but it was a set made by Bob Timberlake Furniture. It is very well constucted and still looks great. We recently purchased some Hooker furniture (an entertainment center and office furniture). While I have had many people tell me that Hooker has an excellent reputation, I am not totally impressed by it. We got greats deals, however, the retail price on this brand is not cheap. The retail price on the five piece entertainment wall unit was $6K, but we got it for $2K at a local furniture store that was going out of business. The office furniture, we bought from North Carolina - got a great deal too. In terms of your car analogy, I would put Hooker in the Honda level and the JCPenney Bob Timberlake stuff at the Acura level. Department store shopping can be very cost effective if you watch the sales. You can even get a bigger discount if you open a store credit card.

I also have a loveseat, chair and ottoman from Flexsteel. This is a brand that I think is overrated. The sofa and loveseat don't even have dust covers on the bottom. The welting is uneven and the chair leg is bending underneath the frame. They are hardly used and not faring too well after only 5 years. I wouldn't buy Flexsteel again.

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Here's my two cents: I would only buy American. Look at all the lines that are made in North Carolina. Fabulous quality. I agree that Henkel Harris is great. Also Pennsylvania House. I like Ethan Allen sofas but they are being a pain to deal with. Hickory Chair is good. Also Bernhardt. I bought a nice desk from Stanley that has lasted a long time and is of good quality.

If you live in North Carolina or in the same general region, it's worth finding a furniture store that you can order from and have it delivered. The savings is amazing. Just shop locally and pick out what you want, then call them and order it. Piece of cake.

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My thoughts...

Lexington, Thomasville and Drexel Heritage are all good mid level brands.
Higher end would be Henkel Harris, Henredon,and Bernhardt

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Well I can't really give you a list but I will say that I really like Bernhardt upholstered goods. I have a bernhardt sofa and it's made in the USA although I think some of their case goods are made overseas? I don't know for sure as I don't own any bernhardt case goods.

I had a terrible experience with Leathertrend. The sofa was not cheap yet I returned it FIVE times! Seams were crooked, seams were puckered, a corner block which the leg screws into was completely broken apart in 3 peices and had just been glued back together - thank goodness I looked under the sofa! The problems went on and on! I finally exchanged it for the Bernhardt. One of the cushions had a tiny run in the fabric but because I reported it the very next day, they promptly sent out a replacement cover without sending anyone over to even take a look at it. Now THAT is great service! Other than the run the sofa is in perfect condition.

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Sabbath Day Woods is a maker that I recommend. I just received a desk I commissioned there and the craftmanship is very fine. I would recommend them if you like Shaker and Mission style furniture. The prices are very reasonable, also. The furniture is made and sold at the same location, so there are no inflated profits and costs associated with furniture retailers. Check out their link...


Here is a link that might be useful: Sabbath Day Woods

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At the high end, I love the stylish and well made pieces from Baker Furniture. Last year I phone ordered several pieces from Boyles in North Carolina and got them for 40% off plus free shipping and no sales tax. Baker's less expensive Milling Road line is also excellent.

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If you want made-in-America and good quality, then I would go for North Carolina furniture. I live in California and all I did was to go to a good local store that carries N.C. products. I just received a sofa and two overstuffed armchairs made by Taylor-King and they are gorgeous. The upholstery is perfect. The style and details are even better than they looked in the catalog. Taylor-King uses the furniture-making process described above by Keck. Total price is about $4500, which is medium-range. A decently made sofa should cost about $2500. And I expect these pieces to last longer than 5-7 years, although we have cats, so who knows! They are good, though, about using their scratching posts. Also the upholstery used by T.K. - Highland House - is beautiful, with a very wide range of fabrics.

Our dining room table is by Burkholder, Indiana Mennonites. Its original is in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. It was $1000, and I expect it to last forever.

Over the years I've purchased two bedside stands, six dining room chairs and a very large coffee table from Ethan Allen. Never had a problem with them. The coffee table in particular seems to be indestructable.

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Where does Craftmaster furniture fit in on the quality scale? It is a family operated furniture mfg out of Taylorsville, NC. The retailers that I have been able to locate that carry this mfg describe it as one of the best values for the mid-range money, but that's what they are supposed to say since they are trying to make a sale. Has anyone actually owned a piece of this furniture? I am looking at purchasing a durosuede (microfiber) sofa, chair and ottoman, but have gotten caught up in the lure of the better quality 8-way hand-tied furniture, which Craftmaster is not. Just wondering if this will hold up or if it's worth the extra money to get top of the line. The couch will be in my family room, but it's just my 10 yr old and myself, along with occasional compay.

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Sable_CA, I'm curious where you bought your dining table--did you find it on the web? I used to live in PA and bought wonderful furniture in some Amish workshops. I'd love to do that now, though I'm no longer in driving distance.

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Not United States but North American is Canada's Villegois.
A few years ago when I looked it was very well made for the price which is probably mid-range?
My Thomasville coffe table arrived with a mitred corner on the top that was flush, three tops later I gave up. Other than that it seems ok but I'm not high use.
My Pennsylvania House sofa has held up ok though its getting time. I guess since no one mentions them they must have gone out of business.

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I would recommend all the brands that I currently have since obviously I did the research and purchased them. The price ranges vary. I have Henredon chairs and armoire, Swaim sofa, Ethan Allen buffet, Nichols and Stone dining table and chairs, Ekornes leather recliner (my husbands), Thomasville bedroom (when it was higher quality). There are many good brands out there. It depends on what your budget is.

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Would Durham Furniture be on the list of recommended furniture?

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I kind of like my sofa...I wanted a camelback sofa with a chippendale stretcher base. I also didn't want to pay a fortune.

I found Fairfield Chair Co., which had the sofa I wanted. I wanted to see it in person, so I went to a local showroom. The sofa I wanted was $2,800 (but hey, delivery was free!)

I ordered it from a North Carolina showroom. WITH shipping, it cost $800.

Here's a link to the sofa (mine is the full-sized sofa, not this "short" one. The fabric on the sample's awful; mine is a diamond pattern woven in the fabric. It's a true but subdued red, with a bit of gold embroidery where the diamonds meet.)

Great sofa, comfortable, looks wonderful. Definitely worth the six months I had to wait for it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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blairgirl, thank you for letting me know. Also your new sofa is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

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A small American company for upholstery is the Berne Furniture company based in Indiana, if you can find a store that sells it. We purchased ours in IL. The furniture is handcrafted, kiln dried hardwoods, 8 way hand tied, hand cut fabric, a lifetime construction guarantee, and a good value for long lasting furniture. We've had our sectional about 10 years. The fabric still is in great shape, and overall the piece is in super condition. (I could probably keep this piece as long as it fits in my home.) Same thing with the 3 chairs we've purchased over the years. All are used daily. Their styles tend to be traditional, but I have noticed a few more contempory pieces on their website. They have a great range of fabris. I would probably put them at mid-level. I think the sectional was about $3600 10 years ago (I really don't recall exactly.) If I had liked the style of their leather couches I would have purchased one of theirs last year.

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Norwalk is made in Ohio and a good mid level brand.

Less expensive I like IKEA.

Wood, I like pieces made in Amish country of OHIO, very sturdy, choice of woods and American made.

Another nice choice is the farm, estate, and tag sale auctions for older quality pieces if you have the time and opportunity and like older pieces.

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I would greatly appreciate help in selecting a transitional style sofa. I have been looking at the Flexsteel upholstered line and would greatly appreciate feedback on its quality for the money. The price for mid-range fabric on the style I was looking at is about $1350. Are there other brands you would recommend for a family room--we have older children and a small dog. Also, is anyone familiar with the Kashmira fabric? Is it worth the money?

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You have to be kidding, Ashley, really? It's in the bottom quartile of stuff I see. Maybe the bottom decile. One of the examples that I have is the leg that snapped off a marble top cocktail table. The owner moved it to sweep under it and this large cabriole leg snapped right off. Turns out, it was a fiberglass shell wrapping a 3/4" x 3/4" piece of wood. It's false economy to buy cheap furniture that only lasts a couple of years before it looks bad.

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The reality is that most people have a very good experience with Ashley. They are the #1 furniture manufacturer in North America, which did not happen by accident. I don't work for them, but I do sell tons of their product. Honestly, I've experienced a very low return/defect rate and I've dealt with their products on a daily basis.

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Ashley IS crap. After I became a stay at home mom and no longer had my income to rely on, we couldn't afford the Ethan Allen, Thomasville, Sherril, Smith Bros., Bassett furniture anymore and needed a bedroom set for our room. We bought Ashley. Big mistake! I should have just gotten a metal bed frame, a few plastic storage drawers, and a milk crate for a nightstand and saved up my money!! The bed frame has cracked, the mirror has always been wavy, the nightstand drawers don't work right, and the dresser drawers are difficult to open, poorly made, and not very deep. What a waste of money! Never again!

It's back to the family run furniture stores that carry lots of different brands for me...

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"The reality is that most people have a very good experience with Ashley"

I disagree. I have never met anyone who would regard Ashley as quality furniture. I have couches from there that lasted about a few years until they looked very used (from light, careful usage.) I don't think anything sold is heirloom quality; just ok enough to get you by for a short time.

They might be #1 furniture manu. in North America, but Wal Mart is the #1 grocery mega store.

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My parent's bought from Ashley- Their bedroom set is beautiful and has looks brand new, along with side tables and coffee table. Their couch/love seat did not hold up well in my opinion. I've shopped there but couldn't find anything in store that fit my style.

I don't recommend buying from Ikea for furniture. It may have the "look" similar to higher-end brands, but there couches are not comfortable and bit chincy.

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I agree about the mediocre (at best) quality of Ashley. I'd rather buy used or from Target, and save my money.

We bought our bedroom set from Brown St. -- by chance - after seeing a different piece in a clearance center. We like the quality; the furniture has held up pretty well.
In the market now for some other furniture, after having hand-me-downs for years. I appreciate hearing others' suggestions for medium to high quality.

Also, I'm going to look in this forum, but has anyone gone to NC to buy several pieces of furniture, and is it really that good of a deal, with flight, roomandboard, etc.? (what percentage would you save on a given piece?)

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

I know of no one who has thought of or experienced Ashley furniture as even good quality furniture. It has absolutely no endurance.

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Taylor king vs Broyhill...professional opinions anyone? Thanks

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Taylor King.

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I think rather than focus on a particular brand name of which there must be hundreds if not thousands focus on what room in your house you need furniture for and then research what are the construction options. Choose the option that is the most durable keeping your budget in mind. This way when you shop you have a basis as what to look for. In the long run you will be better off if you purchase fewer items but of better quality and over time this will actually save you money as you won't be replacing them as often.

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I have liked:
A. Rudin (high end)
Kravet upholstered pieces

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Ashley drawers are terrible. Go to a showroom and poke around. Super cheap, Ikea drawers will hold up better. Seriously!

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Most high end furniture is made in Southern California, like A. Rudin and Baker, which are competitors of the company that I work for. Almost all of our furniture is made in USA, although our textiles are made in Europe and Thailand. Some of our ex-employees now work for A Rudin, and we compete for ad space in the same magazines.

For low end, I like some of the pieces from Room & Board, and I think they are made in Minnesota. You have to check the glides on their drawers very carefully - some of them are too cheap.

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Well, I am waiting for some furniture to be delivered, btw about 2 weeks later than anticipated, and after I made a down payment I find out the darned things are made overseas. Actually my son went in to find out why they kept putting delivery date ahead so many times Then they said it had just come through customs or wherever furniture goes through. He hounded them until they finally admitted it was made in another country. Now, I can just about imagine what kind of junk this is going to be. Rest assured, there will be free advertising for this store, good or bad. I have bought a lot of furniture from this store in my lifetime and always considered the best quality around here. Oh, and if I cancel the order I forfeit my downpayment which amounted to over $400.00. Is this what they consider a scam or just dirty business ethics? Just can't believe this store has lowered themselves so far. Had I known some foreigner was going to make the furniture instead of someone who served in the military and now can't find a job, I NEVER would have traded in that store and I never will again. Thanks for letting me rant. I am irate to say the least. As I said, there will be further reports on this deal, good or bad.

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-ikea is super basic.
-ashley follows that with knock off design and cheap construction. great style for how incredibly inexpensive, but it will literally fall apart. check those drawers out, practically cardboard.
-lea (childrens' furniture)
-vaughan bassett
**in the middle
-rowe is lower in price but imho the quality is quite good.
-kincaid (solid hardwood)
-universal (bh&g, pennsylvania house, etc)
-henkel harris

and @brownthumbia "had I known some foreigner was going to make the furniture instead of someone who served in the military and now can't find a job" is the most irrational, xenophobic nonsense i've ever heard. please stop.

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I am looking for a new sofa for my living room which does get used. It is just my husband, grown up daugher and me. My DH and I have narrowed it down to a Clayton Marcus or a Temple. Any opinions or experience with either of these brands? Am I comparing apples to oranges or apples to apples? I believe both are made in U.S., have 8 way hand tied springs, glued, doweled, stapled corners. I can buy the Temple that is a "floor model" or a return, not sure which, but it is being kept in the furniture store's basement with lousy lighting. Price was discounted by over $1000. I was shown a swatch of the fabric in better lighting in the store. Fabric was polyester. Clayton Marcus would be special order and price would depend on material chosen, with a difference of a few hundred to much more. I'm nervous about making a big, expensive mistake! Or do you have any recommendations to brands that are good quality and less than $1000? Thanks to all.

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There's a problem with wanting to support one of our military people who hasn't found a job, in other words, one of our fellow Americans versus someone in another country?! Really???!!!!!

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Never did think much of Ashley, but looked at a bedroom set recently and the storage drawer in the bed wouldn't line up to shut. The bedside table was missing it's drawer and the salesman told it had broken. Now that is a great showroom display. Currently I am looking at bedrooms from Harden- although I don't like the dressers and I think it will be too $$$$., Simply Amish, expensive also, and Kincaid. All the Kincaid styles I like are the imported ones. I had my eye on Linwood, but they just declared bankruptcy. It is sad, I have a mid range level of money to spend and this big country can't make furniture. I also live in the Midwest, so many lines are not available even within 2 states to actually see.

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To add about Ashley - I went over recently for the first time and was not impressed at all. First of all, the scale of most pieces seemed to be quite massive and overdone. And the quality not particularly good. All the floor models had dings. Now I realize this happens when things are out for a while but I mean deep gouges you know? I don't see that for instance on a Macy's showroom floor (and I have bought furniture from Macy's which has help up beautifully through the years - just can't afford it right now).

Having said that, I wound up by chance purchasing a small dinette set made by that company from another store. I didn't realize it was made by Ashley until afterwards. It's only 40" across, 4 chairs - nice cushion fabric. Only $400 so it suited my current budget for a small kitchen nook that I didn't want to spend too much on. Plus it matched the kitchen really well.

We'll see how it holds up. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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I have a bedroom set made by Mobel that I bought sometime in the early 90s; it has held up fabulously, even though I overstuff the drawers with clothing. The company says all their products are made in the USA. It's very simple but very pretty furniture.

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I am looking for a good quality rocker recliner that doesn't break down after a couple of years.

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For a good quality recliner, try Motioncraft. They're made by Sherrill.

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My favorites~
-Manchester Wood
-Vermont Wood Studios
-Thrive Furniture

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I'm surprised not to see Mitchell Gold mentioned yet. Lovely, quality furniture.

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I have a couple of pieces of Harden that I like very much. It has held up very well.

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Rather than look at brands and personal bias look at the construction of the furniture.

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I am a great lover of American furniture. Some days ago I bought a dining table made from Oak (Manchester Wood). And now the main problem for me is choosing dining chairs. What do u think about these chairs? Yes or not?

Here is a link that might be useful: Dining chairs

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