Craftsman Keyless Entry Does not work with Existing Remotes

garagepainintherumpDecember 18, 2006

I know I am beating a dead horse here. My Keyless number pad stopped working(Battery went dead). When I went to reprogram I could not get it to work with the existing remotes. I have a 139.53675srt2 1/2 hp Craftsman garage opened. I purchased a new keyless entry pad to make sure I was not loosing my mind 139.53684.

When I release the codes from the main console I can only get the learn option to program either the car remotes or the the keyless pad. I can not get them to program together. I have tried them all seperately with no luck. It seems as if it will only hold one set of codes. Is there anything I can do besides buying new car remotes as I have seen posted that they may have lost their new technology and rolled back to the old. If this is true I will never purchase Craftsman again as this has to be the stupidist thing I have ever heard. Thanks for the posts and keeping my blood pressure down.

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I called chamberlain on this problem because there seems to be a flood of them. If I am not mistaken you have the red learn button? Chamberlain told me that the older craftsmen openers are slightly likely to revert back to older technology. I would try clearing the memory all together by pushing and holding the learn button until the light goes out and then try reprogramming everything.


I called 1-800-528-6563 which is the chamberlain number I have. I explained all these transmitter problems to them because I have not run into any of these problems in the field yet and was trying to learn more about them. They told me that Liftmaster will not revert back to older technology and that older Sears models may but, in very very rare cases. If I am not mistaken they are the exact same circuit boards correct? I also told them that the circuit board will sometimes flux, accepting one and not the other anc vice versa and they are chalking it up to a bad board. Their solution is to erase the memory and then reprogram everything. Basically they don't have a straight answer. How did you learn about the reverting back to older technology and why does it only seem to happen when the battery goes bad? Is there anywhere I can go to learn some more on this subject so that I am well prepared if I ever run into it in the field.


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doorguy06 in 2003 I referred someone to Chamberlain with this same problem. Here is the answer they received.

"Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding the problem you are experiencing with your Sears Garage Door Opener. From the description of your problem I believe it is safe to assume that one of your remote controls has stopped rolling it's code and has reverted back to a fixed code technology. When this happens, the receiver will still accept the remote that has reverted its technology, but it won't accept both the fixed code and rolling code at the same time".

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