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gataJuly 10, 2002

I am looking for a nice "starter set" type of thing for my soon to be toddling granddaughter: matching bowl, cup, and plate. I do not want plastic. Can anyone recommend an on-line store that might have such a thing? I cannot find anything locally. Thanks!

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That is a tough one. If it is for real daily use, I would rather have plastic. My DD has several great melamine sets that she has used since she was in a high-chair and even after dishwasher, they look like new. If it is to be a tea set or something that is for looks and for play when she's older, then I would be ok with porcelain, but you said she is pre-toddler, so that's a tough call.

Try Lillian Vernon. From time to time she has good porcelain child's dishes.
Here is a German tea set that is reasonably priced.
Tea Set

Another good company is Sensational Beginnings. This is melamine, but I think it is too cute!
Madeline Set

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Some Corning ware outlets have sets also, as do some major department stores. Corning ware does have an email site.

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Fiesta Ware has wonderful children's sets...from toddler to small tea sets with cups, saucers, etc. And..this might start her on a path to collecting these dishes in her adult life. That is what "I" am doing with my granddaughters. I got a Toddler Set for my grandson also...that he can use and then save for "his" children.

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The classic child's set is Royal Doulton Bunnykins. Yes it's pricey, yes it's fine china, but it's sturdy, the bowl I gave my now 10 year old gransdon is still being used by his younger brother.
Any jewlry store should have it, or discount stores, on line try Ross Simons ( look in google for the URL) or many others.
Linda C

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