Rowe or CraftMaster Sofa which is more durable

saphireOctober 18, 2005

Went to my local Rowe dealer and he tried to sell me on Craftmaster. It looked nice but was not 8 way hand tied. Ideas on Quality of either brand. Also was really annoyed with teh saleman and would not mind buying elsewhere, anyone know where to get it cheaper?

Finally Salesman told me anything 100% polyester will be as stain resistant as Microfiber, True? I have trouble with that

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Only Rowe sofas with skirts have 8 way hand tied coil springs. That's from Rowe's website. Rowe describes their frames as hardwood or laminated wood. I personally would steer clear of both of these.

What are the prices of these two brands?

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What is wrong with a HARDWOOD frame? Just wondering....

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There is nothing wrong with a HARDWOOD frame. The problem is with a laminated frame. It does not represent a committment to quality, in my opinion.

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I have a Rowe Sullivan sectional and its over 1.5 years old, with heavy use, 2 large labs on it all the time. And NO problems at all. It has a gray base microfiber on it with stain guard and even though we eat and drink on it there are no stains. I would buy it again! It can be difficult to find contemporary furniture with the 8 way hand tied springs, from my understanding it makes it hard to keep the sleek lines.

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I forget where I found them, but a few years ago, when shopping for sofas, I ran across a bunch of consumer-complaint websites. Out of the furniture brands that pop up on this forum, Rowe was the only one mentioned...and mentioned, and mentioned. LOTS of complaints about their customer service should anything go wrong.

My understanding is that the best, sturdiest sofa frames are *kiln-dried* hardwood, not just plain old hardwood. That way the wood in the frame has a consistent level of moisture/dryness throughout: more likely to age well once it's in your home, as opposed to splitting unexpectedly. (We had a bookcase do that on us once: the side just popped open. Not a cheap bookcase, either, and all wood!)

As for sofa brands that give you value for the money: anyone remember that list floating around here for a while? The only one I remember is Temple. Sorry I can't be of more help. Be wary of Flexsteel: don't buy anything you haven't sat on and turned over. (I have a Flexsteel in my LR, and am praying my four-year-old destroys it soon so I have an excuse to buy a new sofa. I hate that piece of junk. Grrr.)

Good luck!

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I have a Rowe sofa and loveseat with the custom slipcovers (machine washable) and am very happy with it. I think we've had it 5 or 6 years now with no problems - it's very sturdy (really heavy to move!) and comfortable. We use it daily, the 40 lb. dog climbs all over it (he thinks he's a cat), my teen DD sits on the arms and DH sleeps on it frequently. When my slipcovers start wearing out, I plan on having another set made (probably by a local upholsterer since Rowe charges almost as much for the slipcovers as for the entire new sofa set with slipcovers). No complaints here.

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My upholsterer told me that *Flexsteel* has a lifetime guarantee on their frame. That there upholstery wasn't the best, but the frame is.

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Saphire, what information were you able to get on Craftmaster? I am considering purchasing a sofa, chair and ottoman by this mfg but it seems that only the furniture-savvy people know about this brand. Many of the stores in my town do not carry it, though it is easy to find at the NC furniture dealers. I am hesitant to take the advice of the large dealers because they carry a zillion different brands and, beyond knowing the best and worst, there is no way they can keep track of the ins and outs of every mfg. Please share what you have learned. Here is the set that I am looking at. Forgive the grainy photo, it was taken with a camera phone.

And for what it's worth, I've heard that nothing is as stain-resistant as microfiber.

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I am starting to lean toward leather and go with a better brand. Before that I talked to a store the other day who carries Rowe, Craftmaster and Hickory Hill and she claimed to have the most problems with CraftMaster but they are also the cheapest so maybe she makes more on the others? Call me cynical

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Oh, yeah, about the flexsteel sofa. I bought one in 1974 tht is in my son's basement. They love it. They have been married for 16 years now and had it recovered twice after I had it recovered thrice. They have a home entertainment/media center room including a pool table and pin ball machines for their son and his friends, who are tough on furniture. I am sure they will reupholster it if that time should come or send him off to college with it, because it has held up much better than the one she purchased at Rich's and now is discarded secondary to durability. Your Flexsteel is a great sofa. Upholster it. Ask the upholsterer to pad it slightly more at the next upholstering and you will find that it is almost indestructible. If your 4-year-old destroys a flexsteel, sign him up and put him on tour.

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I just purchased a Craftmaster Sofa. I really like it, it is attractive and comfortable. Also heavy. (not cheap). I was wondering where it was made.

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Patricia, LOL -- the 4-y-o is now 6 and alas, we still have the darn sofa. (so much for the tour!) I'd happily swap it out for your 1974 in a heartbeat. As the saying goes, they don't make 'em like they used to. The chenille is fraying and looks junky, the super-cheap (not even welted, full of low-quality polyfill) back cushions are totally misshapen and awful. Not cheap in terms of what we paid for it, but clearly cheap in terms of construction. I'd buy old Flexsteel, as I said, but new? (shudder) The horror... the horror...

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Thank you kathryn2008 about the Craftmaster recommendation. I've been looking at one of their sets (over sized chair, ottoman and love seat) that I really like and hadn't heard much about their quality. The ladies at the furniture store say they sit on this set all the time and find it very comfortable and durable.


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Does anyone know where Craftmaster Sofas are made?

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Craftmaster is based out of Taylorsville, NC.

We have a sofa and "chair & 1/2" from them, about 2 years old now. They're holding up pretty well - no frame sag on either, and the upholstery is still fairly fluffy. The springs aren't quite as responsive as they used to be, but I wouldn't call that unexpected.

My impression, having seen a number of Craftmaster pieces in showrooms and two sofas besides ours "at home," is that Craftmaster is certainly worth considering if you're on a budget or aren't looking for the 100% top-of-the-line for whatever reason. I think for us, a young couple with two kids, they've done well in circumstances I wouldn't have wanted to risk higher-end furniture, while still getting some compliments from visitors!

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I bought a Rowe sofa and love seat, covered in Chenille, thinking it would last for many years. My family consists of just myself and my husband, no children, no pets. We are not hard on furniture. After having the sofa & loveseat for just over two years, the seams started to come apart. I found myself having to sew up seam openings on a regular basis.

Eight way hand-tied is a good thing, but if the seams are not sewn well or the frame is made out of cheap wood, what difference does it make?

After that unhappy experience, I decided to spend the extra money on a top-of-the-line Hancock & Moore. I've had it for four years and it still looks brand new. It is handmade in America by real craftsmen and will last a lifetime. I got leather, but they make sofas upholstered in cloth, too.

I found Hancock & Moore at a discount fine furniture store for 50% off the retail price, which made it about twice as much than a Rowe.

You get what you pay for -- I learned that the hard way.

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DO NOT BUY FLEXSTEEL!!! Thay warranty everything for life EXCEPT the covering i.e. THE LEATHER!!!! It's only warrantied for one year! I know why!!! The black leather on my Flexsteel couch & chair (from THE LATITUDES COLLECTION) is rubbing/wearing off badly on the cushions!!!! I had a leather expert come to look at the pieces. He said the problem is due to a flaw in the tanning process! This would be a manufacturing problem then!!!!! Flexsteel boasts, "If you love the furniture now, wait a few years!" WAIT A FEW YEARS, AND YOU'LL BE IN TEARS!!!! I am horrified that I spent $3300 on these pieces!!!! Where is the honor & integrity? The retailer (Donna's Interiors in Arroyo Grande, CA) won't budge on the one year leather warranty either!!!! I am SO distraught!!!! I thought I was going to have some nice furniture for the first time in my life!!! How discouraging to know that I might as well have flushed my money down the toilet!!!!!

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