Any recommendations on a garage floor??

tom_p_paDecember 28, 2006

I was thinking about painting my garage floor, and have been looking into various seems all are pricey. They have epoxy 100 solids paint, interlocking mats, rolled mats, and some others. Anyone have any experience with any of these? I also saw Home Depot now does garage floors, and they have various "quality" level option...basic, deluxe, premium. It appears the better quality uses primers and 100% solids epoxy. I also saw Costco now sells roll out mats for the $179 a piece.

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I bought a new house back in Feb. of this year and in May, I put down the Quikrete brand epoxy kit from Lowes. I believe it was like $69 a box and it took me two kits to do my two car garage. I thoroughly cleaned it as per the instructions and also left a large high velocity fan blowing on it overnight to make sure it was thoroughly dry before applying the epoxy. The flakes come with it and you apply the epoxy with a roller in sections and then you can shake the flakes to the desired amount that you want on the floor. I used the flakes and I like the look. There are a few places that did not stick or have started to peel up, so not too happy with that. I guess the concrete was not completely clean, and I don't know how I would have gotten it any cleaner besides taking a grinder or some kind of large sander to the concrete and actually sanding it. I did my wifes side the day before we went out of town for a week, so it had seven days to dry and adhere. The day we got home from vacation and drove her car in there and the next time we left there was a small place where I had the "hot tire pick up". All in all, I like it because of the color and it dresses it up. It is easy to clean if you spill something, but it is slick when wet. You can sprinkle a fine sand on it while still wet to aid in traction though.

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Annette Holbrook

If you want to apply an epoxy yourself, you are better off avoiding the boxed kits from the big box stores. Most people experience hot tire pick up within the first 6mos unless they do as kev99 mentioned and grind the floor first. If you have a fairly new house then prepping the floor as a DIY is possible, but ALOT of work. I really like the looks of the epoxy floors, but my husband and I decided that our 8yo garage floor would take way too much time to prep and that we probably wouldn't get it perfect so we scrapped that idea. Now we have used an epoxy on our kennel floor which turned out beautifully and has held up very well. It is more expensive than the off the shelf stuff, but worth it. We used, about $300 for a 2 car garage.
The mats are a quick inexpensive solution, but the ones from Costco are the lightweight version and have a tendency to tear (this I've read on another forum, so most people replace them in a less than a year. There is a heavier version available on
I researched garage floor tiles for about 6 mos and decided on Daytona tiles by Sport Court. My husband and I just finished installing them a couple of days ago so I we've only been driving on them a couple of days! More expensive at about$1100 for our 22' by 22' garage, but no prep required, very easy to install and I like that we could design a pattern.
Partially done-


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I tiled most of my garage floor and epoxy painted a spot about 8 X 12. I left that spot so that I can wash my bikes. It has been that way since 2003 and has worked great.

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Im reposting this message because the link was broken above when I change some things around on Photo Bucket.
I tiled most of my garage floor and epoxy painted a spot about 8 X 12. I left that spot so that I can wash my bikes. It has been that way since 2003 and has worked great.

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There's a Rustoleum product that's supposed to be good, but I don't know if it's epoxy or not.

I wish I could remember what I used in my office in Australia which was a converted garage/workshop, it was a water-based concrete sealer which was clear (and the clear looked quite good) but you could add an oxide colour to it, which I did. A few of us hung back one friday night, as it was being prepped I had a brainstorm and ran down to the newsagent down the road and bought some blue glitter- I applied the stuff with a mop-type thing used for doing wood floors, a lambswool was almost as quick as mopping too....I just held a handful of glitter and blew it over where I'd applied the stuff.

It looked great, it did eventually wear - we weren't driving on it (except when there was a severe hailstorm warning and I drove my car in) but it was easy and clean to do, and that was over worn, dirty concrete.

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I used a PPG two part epoxy that I purchased from a commercial paint store. It took four gallons for 26x30 floor. Have not noticed any problems, it appears to be bulletproof. Kinda pricey $60.00 a gallon. Had to acid wash before paint.

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Wow, sounds like everyone has had more success than I! Used a Behr 1 part epoxy over garage, kennel, and washroom floor. Looked great until the first set of muddy feet & tires crossed over it. I can't clean it without getting down on hands and knees with a scrubbrush and really grinding away at it...and it still leaves a trace. It had been left to dry 3 weeks on concrete that had been poured about 10 months earlier. Any suggestions on how to cover this mess with something a little more user (clearner) friendly? (It does have the grit added to "rough up" the finish)

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I recently got a sample from this site. They sell interlocking garage floor tiles. I have to admit the stuff is pretty amazing and easy to install.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garage Floor Tiles

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