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cbg640June 30, 2013

I am considering un finished floors from two different mills in Vermont. One offered to micro bevel and sand the floor for $0.25 per square the other $0.45 per square. They both say final sanding will need to be done on site. I thought of doing the final finish myself. Would I be better off to not have it sanded and hire someone to do everything it on site?

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When you get unfinished wood that has. Microbevel done and they say final sanding needs to be done on site. Usually that means it either needs to be screened or with a buffer use a piece of 100grit paper. The microbevel makes it so you wont have jagged edges but your subfloor needs to be flat. Any humps wont be fixed by the microbevel.

Depending on your location having a pro come out to sand could range anywhere from 2 to 5 bucks a sq.

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It is new construction, but that does not mean the floor is flat. The builder has encouraged me to use prefinished. He said the finish is $2/ft. So my options are pre sand and finish myself or no pre sand and it done for me. The unfinished plank is much nicer than pre finished strip.

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