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cocoonerJune 20, 2010

I have a 12 yo granddaugher. I thought that it would be neat to get her an old fashioned charm bracelet for Christmas with some vintage sterling charms that represent her interests.

I thought that I would involve her other grandmother in the project. She could pick some charms too, and we could have a personal charm from each of us on there. So when she got older, even if she didn't wear the bracelet, she would always have the loving memento from her grandmothers.

But my husband thinks that I should do it on my own, since it is my idea and I could certainly execute it myself. What do you all think?

The other grandma is a nice person. We have already done a project together. When our granddaugher was born, I assembled a doll with items from multiple generations from both sides of the family. Talented G'ma M made a petticoat for the doll.


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I think doing this with the other grandmother sounds lovely and it will allow both of you to add charms to it from memorable events in her life.

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I would not include the other grand mother in everything, you are building special memories for your grand kids. I wanted to be remembered by my grands as being special to them. Their parents would say we are going to Grandmas, the kids eyes would lite up and say things like "grandma with the toy box, grandma that plays games with us", etc.. They are grown now and often mention our times together.

I have fond memories of sitting with my grandmother, her sitting in her rocker peeling potatoes or apples. We had one on one conversations and she would always hand me a piece of whatever she was peeling. Good memories for me.

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Oh, I don't involve the other G'ma in everything, just occasionally.

There was limited response here; if folks go to the kitchen table forum and look under the "with or without the other g/ma" post you'll see more discussion. And also don't miss the "charm bracelet for granddaughter" post in that forum. It's so sweet.


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