bradington young chairs---so bad

bananafanaOctober 16, 2005

Does anyone have any insight on this? I'm clearly going to return these two ridiculous leather chairs, but I am really perplexed whether I should reorder, or just give it up. Everything I've read about Bradington Young is so good, that I am wondering if I just got the two worst chairs they've ever made or what?

I purchased two Bradington Young leather deco style chairs at Marshall Fields during a sale so I got 50% each chair was $1000. The leather was supposed to be a distressed aniline---what they refer to as "pull up". The chairs I got are very dense looking dark leather with very little distressing. Maybe none. They almost look like vinyl. One leg is dinged. From the front, the sides are asymmetrical on one if the leather was put on slightly askew, then on the other side a bunch of padding was stuffed in there to make up the difference. The welting is wavy and near the seams where the arm welts are are actually bumpy like the leather is bunched up underneath. On one of them, the inside back was apparently put on too high and maybe extra padding jammed in there, so there is a big dent on the top back where the transition from front to back is. The seat cushions don't sit flat and are really uncomfortable. Way too hard. There are exposed staples and a bit of plastic webbing which sticks out of the leather cover by one of the legs. It's unbelievable.

Do you think this is just a freaky deal and worth waiting for replacements, or has something happened to their manufacturing? I had such a hard time finding chairs that would work in this particular space, and it's such a disappointment.

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OK, I'm writing this as someone who has never ordered furniture from that manufacturer or from Field's, but I find it hard to believe that these 2 pieces would be "flukes"--it's not like there was just one problem with them--there were many things that look like defects to you.

I assume you sat in the chairs in the store and they weren't that hard, so that's a bit weird, that they'd fit so remarkably different.

But considering you really thought they'd be a perfect fit for your space, I would take your complaint to store management and ask them to explain why the chairs came the way they did. You've got nothing to lose by trying to reorder if you're satisfied with their response and customer service. In the meantime, keep looking for alternatives, just in case you're not happy the second time around. (PS: Take photos of the problem areas now)

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About the seat cushions pammyfay, I was wondering about that too, since I did sit in them at the store and altho they were more firm than I'm used to, they were comfortable. I've been sitting on the one chair that is the most goofed up, since I find it painful to look at that I've switched over to the other chair and it is much more comfortable. How weird I thought, so I started looking under the cushions and on the worst one, I can feel the springs under the deck fabric and they stick up and are uneven. I can't feel the springs under the fabric on the other chair. Also, the cushion on the really bad one sits a couple of inches higher and cock-eyed. So I think it's more a matter of the construction problems and the height and crookedness which is making it so uncomfortable, rather than just the firmness. The bad one seems also to be missing the wrapping of down/feathers which I can see on the other one when I unzip the cover. Sigh......I guess I need to go back to the drawing board.

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I purchased a Bradington Young leather recliner several years ago and had a problem with the leather construction under the cushion. After contacting the store when I purchased the chair, they refused to correct the problem to my liking. I wrote a letter to BY and they arranged to pick up the chair, fix the problem and return it to me. If you do not receive help from Fields, write to company. They were great!

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Just be sure that they take both chairs and reorder and not just one. You run the risk of the leather not being the same color. This is what happened to me with my couch and chair. When they arrived the chair had unordered nailheads on it so was refused and the couch was perfect so it stayed. Fast forward 6 weeks later and the chair arrives and is ever so slightly a different color. I went round and round with them ( not BY -Leathercraft) and ended up just living with it. I do not notice it anymore-it is moss green so I ended up with lots of other greens in the room so it is fine. But the lesson, sorry for the digression, is to make sure both go, not just one.
If you really like the look, then reorder but ask that a sample of the leather that they are going to use is sent to you for your approval. And yes, they do this, so don't let the salesperson say they don't. Good luck!

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I am shopping for a leather sectional sofa for a long time. We first find the Elite Leather Century City sectional and really love it until we saw the tower sectional from H & M in another store. The Elite leather's Century City is on sale at Macy's for $4000 now. I tried to find online discount stores to get a better price but did not find any one selling Elite Leather. The H&M is priced at around $6000 locally and I got the quote from Lexington Furniture for around $4800 including shipping. I know H&M is a great company and make great sofas. The sofa looks great but it seems out of my buget even with $4800. My original budget is around $3000 but did not find anything decent so far. Now I could not decide which one should I go. I would like to get your idea. Which one would you choose? Can I trust Elite's quality? Is it possible that I can get a better price for any of them? Thank you very much for your help.

Here is a link that might be useful: HM

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I wasn't able to get much satisfaction from Macy's/Marshall Field's on the chairs----my impression is that they think I'm being picky. Not that they saw them or anything. So I gave it up. They were good about picking them up no charge though and there was no problem with the refund.

I decided to go with Thomasville chairs (the Monte Carlo, in leather) and I'm very happy with them. They are really comfy and look good, and they are slightly underscaled so they work for my short legs. The leather is much softer than the Bradington Young.

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I never had a new living room suite, so when I got my retirement funds I decided to get one. After long searches, I decided to get the Bradington Young large sofa and matching recliner. The leather is so beautiful, and 7 years later look brand new, and we have a dog, cat, and a son that is a big man and works in landscaping. I use the leather cleaner and Leather conditioner about once a week ( or as necessary :)). The construction is very sturdy, the workmanship is outstanding, and a very worthwhile investment.

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It sounds like you got lemons. Return them...I have a leather couch and two recliners and they have been great...I would definitely buy from them again. That price was a little steep...I know what mine cost and I got one of the better leathers...I'll probably order a loveseat recliner from them through my buying club...Find a good store that specializes in leather. Go in and look at the pieces...Look closely...take your time...Check out the fit and finish...If it's been there awhile the salesperson should be able to help...Ask how often they get complaints or returns on the different brands...

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