Sears garage door opener 139.53629srt

beerstudDecember 21, 2007

I have replaced the gear and sprocket assembly on this because they were stripped, now that I have it back together all it wants to do is go up, then it stops when it hits the housing and the motor keeps running or humming. I have tried adjusting the limit switches, but when center touches either the up or down, it still runs in the up direction. I suppose that is why the gears were were stripped. My question is, do I need to replace the limit switch assembly?? Or would the circuit board be bad?? Or any help please.

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First of all check to make sure there are no wires hanging loose especially around that limit switch assembly. If all is okay you probably have a bad logic board.

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Also make sure all the wires are still connected to the start capacitor. If you have a wire off it will cause the problem your describing. The start capacitor is located to the right on the motor. It is either gray or blue in color and should have four wires connected to it.

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i also have the same opener.
my problem that just started is the battery powered remote and the built-in remote on my car no longer activates the opener. the wired switch inside the house still works the opener, however the green light inside the switch is now flickering.
also about 2 weeks ago, the light socket has stopped working. the light will not turn on when opened or closed.

any suggestions?

thanks a lot!


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