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elvis_presleyDecember 12, 2006

I have an uninsulated garage. It's about 20X20 with 8 foot ceilings (almost flat roof) and lot's of air leaks.

i could run a natural gas line in there, or wire it to 220 (or use propane or kerosene) . What is the best choice for a safe heater that will enable me to work out there now and then this winter?

I don't need it toasty warm--Just warm enoough to take the chill off, and remove my gloves when i need to do finer work. This in in saint paul, mn. I should say i have asthma, so i wouldn't want anything that's very stinky.

what is the best and most economical option?

thanks in advance.

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Try here, alot to look at but maybe something will do. It would behoove you to do some insulating, regardless of what you end up getting. It makes a huge difference.

Here is a link that might be useful: heaters

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I have a ventless natural gas heater and it works great. They're not terribly expensive, maybe $125 to $175 depending on what size you need. Just make sure you get one with a thermostat.

If it's practical, insulate the garage. You'll be much more comfortable and will keep you heating bill down.


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