Craftsman GDO is having a fit

kenngDecember 31, 2006

My son decided to 'adjust' the garage door since it would stick whenever the weather was cold. Instead of increasing the force screw, he completely backed out both the raise limit and lower limit screws. Now I can't get the raise to even engage, and the lower hits the stops regardless of where the limit switch is. I thought I could screw it in until the door stopped and then lower it gradually, but it is all or nothing, all the way closed to the stops then reverses open to the stops. It is only 3 years old. Any ideas of how to fix this???

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If you are turning the limit screws and it is not changing how far up or down the opener is traveling, then pull off the cover of the opener. On the bottom of the motor will be the limit assembly. Check and make sure that everything is snapped on the assembly and make sure the metal prongs are not bent, if so you can lightly bend them to straighten them out. If everything looks intact, you should be able to back off the down limit and adjust the up limit in order to get everything back in sync.

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