Names for grandparents

chameyeJune 4, 2002

My oldest sister is pregnant (the first of my parents' 5 children to become pregnant). My sister insists that she gets to choose the names for our parents to be called. The rest of us plan on having children as well. My sister is considerably older than us and was obviously going to be the first to have a baby. I think my parents should choose their own names because it's the fairest thing to do. I think in this case the child shouldn't be the one to choose the names (as I have seen recommended) because they aren't going to be the only one using the name. Any opinions?

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There's no law carved in stone that all the grandkids have to use the same name for the grandparents, it doesn't always work that way. I think the grandparents should get to decide what they like and then, believe me, it is still subject to change by the small ones and acceptance by the grandparents. Your sister might have a surprise or two ahead where the names are concerned. In your case where there is a considerable age difference, it could well work out that there will be more than one set of names that gets used, I think, depending on how far apart the 'sets' of grandkids are in age. I guess what I want to say is: don't worry too much there's lots of time ahead for things to be sorted out and pregnant women do (please don't throw things at me!) sometimes get some odd ideas.

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Let the kids decide because they can't always say what you want them to. Everyone tried to pick names for themselves with our son and well he couldn't say grandma and with how many grandparents he couldn't remember all the different names. One day he started saying Mama and my Mom thought he was talking about me, but then remembered to him, I was Mommy. He said Mama for Grandma and that's stuck since then. It's cute and different.

My grandmother has 11 grandkids and 2 great grandkids and well we all decided what to call her. She has about 4 different names that each set of kids call her and she thinks it's really neat.

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Me being the oldest grandchild picked my grandparents name. Nanny and Popo. Most of their 35 grandkids call them that. On the other hand I picked my name for my grandkids. Nanna.
My mom also picked hers for my g-kids. Gigi for great-grandmother. Char2

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