What is the quietest garage door opener?

linda888December 18, 2007

Can someone tell me which one of these garage door openers is the quietest: The Genie ProStealth, the Chamberlain Whisperdrive, or the Wayne-Dalton Torsion IDrive? Or is there one that is quieter than these?

We need one that is really, really quiet because our toddler son has severe cerebral palsy. The cerebral palsy has affected his ability to sleep, and the slightest sound wakes him up. The garage is not near his room, but it will still have to be very very quiet (and not vibrate the house either) for him not to hear it. The kid has bionic hearing! - almost like a blind person, well, because he is partially blind, too.

It's a one story house.



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In my opinion the Chamberlain is the quietest of the reliable openers. Forget the Wayne Dalton nightmare. It will be the service technicians trying to keep that thing running that will be your problem. But you must remember you are moving the largest part of your home that moves. With everything working perfectly there is enough noise to wake someone with bionic hearing. I must add though that once you have a door opener very few people ever again go without them.

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Thanks Don. Is it called the Whisperdrive? And which Liftmaster is it equivalent to? Just want to be sure I pick the quietest one.

I saw a 3280 Liftmaster which talked about being quiet. (I'm going to have a professional install it, and from what I can tell, they use the Liftmaster, which is the same as Chamberlain, right?)

Thanks for your help

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Liftmaster is made by Chamberlain. They use the Chamberlain name for their do it yourself models and Liftmaster for their professionally installed models. It is a Whisperdrive. You will like it.

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Thanks for your help Don!

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I realize that this one wasn't on your list, but I'm happy with the Ultra Quiet Belt Drive made by Martin. I got a whole sales pitch about how it doesn't use a chain so it's quieter. You can purchase it at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

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I got the genie. It is so quiet that the sound of the car pulling into the garage is quieter than the opening and closing of the door. Sometimes I don't hear that either and the first indication I have that someone came home is the door between the garage and the house opening.

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Have you though about introducing some white noise into your sons room? You may have to turn it on during the day and get him used to it. When I was working mids white noise from a fan helped to keep my sanity. It also let my kids live a normal life during the day instead of tip toeing around.

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I had the whisperdrive installed and I like it. However the sears chain drive is not much noiier if at all in my opinion. I bet installation is key.

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