casco bay furniture from someone who didnt just join

armstrongarlandOctober 21, 2011

Hi im looking for reviews on casco bay furniture from someone who has been on this forum for a while, 1yr to 2 yr plus. All the reviews i see are from ppl who just joined, so i dont know if they are real or not. Thanks guys...

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Can I visit the factory/showroom in north carolina and talk to those guys??

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armstrongarland -- I will have a review for you when I receive my sectional... I ordered about 6 weeks ago at this point (it was a custom size.) I can't say anything for sure, and I had the same concerns as you did about the reviews; however, one thing stood out to me online......... The company did not have a bad review anywhere. I think that speaks volumes in itself...

Anyway, I will be sure to post when I receive my furniture...

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I do want to add that based off of my experience with Casco Bay thus far (researching extensively, speaking with their rep and the ordering process,) I fully expect to be 100% satisfied with the end result.

(armstrongarland, you are new to this list and just registered, right? so I guess people register when they have a motive to register and post for the first time.... be it your post here or reviews by others.)

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Hi Armstrongarland, Re Casco, I am new to this forum but not to Casco so I thought I should respond. I purchased a set of Manchester Brompton Cocoa (sofa chaise and loveseat) over a year ago for our primary residence in Florida. Its wonderful, well made and order, delivery and set up were excellent. We were satisfied enough that we orderd a Manchester sectional for our home in Black Mountain, this time in a Brompton Vintage. Order process and entire experience went very well. Robert was great to work with but the real star this time was Rick from Peace Transport. He delivered the furniture on a Sat at our request and the final resting place was in our loft. He (and we) lifted the furniture over a railing 14' in the air. The sectional is beautiful, I think its very well made but admittedly this piece is only a week old. Love the leather and look of both sets as do our guests. We've found Casco and Peace Transport both great to do business with. You are welcome to contact me offline at your convenience if you have questions.

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After much research into sofas, we contacted Casco Bay. Robert was extremely knowledgable and informative. After seeing Restoration Hardware's offering and price we were looking for a high quality sofa similar to what we saw in RH. That's when we found the Madison at Casco.

Robert walked us thru every step, answered every question and assured us of our complete satisfaction. We absolutley love our 90" Madison in Brompton cocoa. It is even more superior in quality than we expected. Beautifully made, gorgeous looking and a solid piece of USA made furniture (opposed to China where RH manufactures).

Monty and Travis from Peace transport delivered our sofa 3 hours early, at our convenience. They were totally professional, organized and very careful This was not an easy delivery to our 2nd story in a historical home. They took great care in setting it up without one mishap. And to top it off, I couldn't bear the sight of the old loveseat so they hauled that out as well. White glove delivery and they went above an beyond. Thanks guys.

Why am I writing this lengthy review? Because I am just like you, counting on the reviews of fellow purchasers. I can not be more satisified with the quality of the product and the service from the first phone call to the day it was delivered. Thanks to all of you at Casco Bay.

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I am following up my previous comment; I received my Manchester sectional and ottoman in Brompton Cocoa from Casco Bay today.

FYI - I have been a member of GW for two years and have contributed on various boards/threads during that time. I hope that gives those of you with doubts extra confidence in purchasing from this company. I read reviews endlessly before purchasing items, so I hope my feedback is helpful to others.

My review...

In short: The furniture pieces are beautiful and as advertised. I am happy with my purchase and experience.

Long version... I first contacted CB about ordering on Sept. 1 and confirmed the order specs. on Sept. 3rd. Thus, it took my pieces about 13 weeks to arrive. This wasn't a surprise, especially because I ordered a custom, large sectional (126" x 109" x 48") and a custom, large ottoman (36" x 48".) Also, I live on the west coast and was one of the last stops (if not the last) for the delivery truck coming from NC.

Robert, the CB rep, called me about eight times during the 13 weeks. Most of the calls were during order placement and in the final weeks with updates on where the furniture was. I am pretty sure this is why other customers have raved about the customer service. From what I can tell, they are a small company and can take the time to try to make sure every customer is satisfied.

Delivery was an easy process. The delivery company called one week before delivery (saying it would be in about 5-7 days) and again a day before (saying it would be the next day from 7 am - 10 am.) They drove up around 7:20 am.

As for my furniture pieces, I have looked them over closely and they are beautiful. The leather stitching is flawless, the very large pieces of leather are all beautiful and without imperfections. The CB web site says sectionals/sofas could be off by an inch or two since they are handmade, but mine is exactly what I ordered.

I am likely going to order another leather piece from Casco Bay soon. There is nothing about my experience that would make me hesitate for a second. I think if others are looking for a particular style of sofa (in my case, the Lancaster from RH,) but want a piece solidly constructed within the United States for less money, they also shouldn't hesitate.

If anyone has questions, please ask.

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Hello Lolauren:

Thank you so much for your postings as I am finding these most helpful. I have been wanting RH Maxwell sofas/sectional for several years now and we decided to finally bite the bullet and purchase two of their 96" sofas, until my husband discovered Casco Bay. I have a couple of reservations and am hopeful that you might be able to help me. It sounds as if you too did quite a bit of research before purchasing so am working under the assumption that you are extremely familiar with the RH products.

1. One of the things I find most appealing about the RH leather sofas is both the FEEL and the LOOK of their Brompton Cocoa leather. I see that is what you ordered in your sectional: can you say that you absolutely 100% cannot tell a difference? Is the CB as smooth feeling as the RH? Does it look EXACTLY the same?

2. I know you went with the Lancaster (Manchester)equivalent in CB and we are looking at the Maxwell (Madison) but do you find the depth as comfortable?

I do have to say that at least at the RH store I went to their Maxwell and Lancaster sofas are in terrific shape: the former being on the floor for over 5 years and the latter 9, so feel those PARTICULAR ones would withstand my 5 children. However, they were both produced in the States before production sent overseas.

Lolauren, I would appreciate any more feedback/help you could provide, especially more pictures and how you like your sectional now a few weeks into it. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Christine,

Can you email me directly? (I just turned on that feature so you can contact me.) It would be easiest for me to send you photos by email.... also, you can tell me exactly what you want to see in photos in that email?

I am familiar with the RH products and fell in love with them also.... the beauty of the leather since it starts to look lived in, the feel of the leather, the depth of the couches, etc. Ultimately, I was turned off by the bad reviews RH has amassed, the price of their product (plus shipping plus tax,) and the fact that I would be buying that product from China.

I have only had the sectional a week, and I live about four hours away from a RH store. I intend to visit RH around Xmas (when I am visiting family) and can compare at that time in person. With that said, my leather is incredibly beautiful and very soft. It has a waxy feel which gives it a smoothness. I am confident it is the same type of leather and similar color. (Every batch/hide of the leather can have slight color variations..... but from memory, it is the same.)

I can say that the (free) swatch sent to me from CB is exactly the same as the leather that is on my sectional. If you haven't, request their swatch. It will not be distressed like the older RH floor models, but you can distress it by hand to bring out the color variations. You can also order a free swatch from RH (which I don't have.) That will give you a way to compare the leathers yourself.

RE: depth, I'm not sure what you mean. Do I find the depth as comfortable as.... what? I just checked the CB site... the Maxwell equivalent is 46". Our sectional depth is about 48". I looooooooooooooooooooove the depth as I can pull my feet up on the seat cushion quite comfortably. The depth also forces me to relax back into the couch. It is not a good depth if you want to sit upright on the couch with your feet on the floor for an extended period, of course. I intend to buy a accent chair or two for guests who might have mobility issues for that reason..... but for DH and I who will use the furniture daily for lounging, the depth feels heavenly.

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Hello to everybody,
I've placed order on Madison in mid October of 2012.
Arrived just yesterday, yey! I took almost 3 months to get it :( but it was worth of waiting! More likely Christmas time and New Years slow down on delivery time... Let me tell you (I know other people who ordered from Casco have same opinion)this piece of furniture is excellent quality and craftsman ship, which exceeds my expectations, period!
Thank you Mr. Robert and Kristina for all updates i got from you! Sofa was bundle like little baby so there was no damage. Guys from Sun Delivery make it easy and fast. It took less then 10 min from their arrival and sofa was in a place. Just want to share few pictures I snapped of my new 9' long 46" deep Madison sofa:

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Hi, Szelas73!

I love the way your Madison sofa looks. I have been considering buying the same one from Casco bay. Just a little nervous that they have no negative reviews anywhere (that I can find). May be too good to be true?

Anyway, my question is, what kind of leather is it? Is it the Brompton cocoa? I know that leather is a popular one, but I am not sure I like the distressed look which it appears to have on some websites.

How is the sofa holding up? Thanks, looking forward to hearing back from you.

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Does anyone have a picture of the Lancaster couch they purchased from casco bay furniture? We like the prices better there compared to RH. Please let me know as we are looking forward to purchasing this couch. :)

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Okay, I'm just now joining the club as far as the sofas. Are you owners of the Casco Bay still happy? What about Luxury Leather owners?
I am pining for that Maxwell RH sofa in the Brompton Cocoa but just don't want to put out that much money, especially since I will be downsizing in a few years and will have to get rid of a ton of furniture.
Thanks for any feedback.

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So this is ironic, but I just joined today because I do want to share my experience with Casco Bay with my current order process. I'm typically a lurker on GardenWeb and have learned a lot from people who have posted - I just haven't had much to contribute yet so I didn't create a login until today.

I have been looking into purchasing a leather sofa and almost bought a RH Maxwell, but after reading a TON of reviews online about durability and their poor customer service, I decided not to purchase. I have also noticed 1 and 2 year old RH leather sofas look sloppy and saggy, and that's completely unacceptable to me, especially when I'm forking out a few thousand on a sofa. I saw a few posts about Casco Bay on GardenWeb and like others have observed, I couldn't really find anything negative about the products themselves on the Internet, but did read a few concerns on another forum that I found last night and started freaking out about because I already placed my order and have a delivery date - but again, nothing directly related to the products they sell, just regarding anonymity of the owners, physical addresses and locations, and that they don't have a big showroom like a lot of the other furniture companies have. I looked on their website and found that they do have addresses posted, but I don't care because I'm not going to travel to the east coast just to look at a sofa when I can see pictures online. As long as I'm getting a sofa with the quality they say im getting, I'll be happy. I could care less about where they're located and who the owners are as long as I get a solid quality product that lasts me for the 20-30ish (or whatever they said... A long time) years they said it would.

I decided to order a 95" Madison (Maxwell) from them in the 46" depth, Italian Brompton Cocoa, with upgraded Ultracel 1.8 cushions, 5 year warranty, and the leather care kit. They told me it's not made out of hardwood plywood, is made with 8-way hand tied springs. I even asked about getting a sleeper sofa for occasional use instead of a regular sofa and they talked me out of it because 1) I wouldn't be using it as a sleeper very often, and 2) they said it wouldn't be as comfortable and would just be an ok sofa. He said the 46" depth would provide more than enough room for someone to sleep on and if I need more room, to use a different arrangement. That works for me, saves me money, and so I'll just use a blow up Aerobed if guests come over.

Although I can't comment on the sofa just yet, I can say the process of ordering has been easy, and all of my questions have been answered - and I asked a ton of questions to Robert(?). I placed my order the first week of December and they estimated it would be ready in 6-8 weeks. I received an email notification the last week of December stating the product was complete and delivered to the shipping company, and they'd set up a time with me for delivery. Talking to the delivery company has also been easy. They said they would be in my area within a couple of weeks, gave me a specific date, and a window of time when they'd be delivering it. I will reply to this thread once it's delivered and after I've had it for at least a week or two. I'm concerned how the leather will fare with my dogs, but that's an inherent problem with any leather and dog nails. But I do want to share my initial thoughts and come back to this thread to share updates.

Again, the ordering process has been easy, but this is what I would expect the experience to be like when ordering furniture from any company - good customer service, updates on when I'm being charged, updates on when the item has been made, prompt response via email and phone, and easy delivery schedule.

I can't say anything about the sofa because it's not been delivered yet and I ordered it sight unseen, but I did receive the leather kit last week and I'm really looking forward to delivery soon.

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