Craftsman garage door opener trolley seems backwards.

bikerdudeDecember 16, 2010

I set up and installed a 1/2 HP Craftsman opener but the trolley is reversed the pull cord is behind the straight arm and it hits when the door opens and jams is there a way to reverse the trolley I can't to seem to figure it out if I reverse it, it doesn't orient properly is there a left and a right inner and or outer trolley that can be ordered or can it be fitted for left or right? HELP!


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If the trolley is hitting the bolt just in front of the motor and jamming it is because it is opening too far. Without a model number I cannot tell you which adjustment fits your opener. Check the owners manual for up and down limit adjustments. There is not a left and right trolley.

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On the Craftsman GDOs I've installed, looking from the motor unit, the trolley traveler is attached to the chain and cable on the left-hand side of the beam. This puts the disconnect lanyard further from the door than the straight arm.
If this is not the case with yours, and the traveler attachment is on the right-hand side of the beam you may have reversed that part of the assembly meaning you'll need to reverse the chain as well as the trolley.
One way to test for this situation - does the UP Limit adjustment actually change the height of the door in the Closed position?

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