Can handscraped floors be 'modern'?

beb0622June 20, 2011

We are getting ready to start building a house and trying to decide on a prefinished flooring option. We love the look of handscraped floors but think of them more as "rustic". Our house will be fairly modern/transitional, with shaker style cabinets in the kitchen. Do you think these floors could fit well in this type of home?

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I'm with you. IF going for contemporary or modern, I'd recommend staying away from hand-scraped.

I'd lean towards a wood with little grain, or if it has grain, grain so consistent that it's sort of a "monotone grain" if that makes sense. Or bamboo. Essentially stay away from "wild grain" unless you're really looking to use the floor as a design statement or a design focal point.

Now with all that being written, your shaker-style cabinets and "transitional" design description open up possibilities.

It's up to you to decide how much you're going to be "in transition". The cabinets and flooring combine into a fairly large portion of what one sees in a kitchen. So "shaker cabinets" and "handscraped flooring" each on their own might make the room "transitional", but combining both together might sway you far far away from "modern".

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I agree. 'Some' hand-scraped flooring, such as the one in the pic, can look fake. Those that look fake are a little too trendy-looking for my tastes.

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