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rkurzenbergerOctober 21, 2006

WARNING: be careful ordering from Furnitureland South. On another blog they call FLS F(ing)Lousy Service. I now know what they mean. Good luck getting what you ordered. Sales is great. Pricing is good. But you may never get the stuff. Every month I hear, there is no room on the truck. So I just get part of what I ordered. I got a 4 poster bed in July that came with 3 posts, they suposedly ordered a replacement for the 4th post... it's almost november, no post. The "after sale service" department is a joke. They are truly awful. They never tell you the truth, and the drivers lately have been charging extra once they arrive, even though everything is prepaid. It happened to me last month. It happened to an attorney friend of mine, and it happened to me again today. Something is going on here, and it's not good. Terrible customer serivce. Terrible. Boyles across the street from FLS gets you the stuff you order, on time and without hasssle. It's just they don't have as many brands. FLS use to be really good. But good luck getting what you ordered and paid for...

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Actually, I have found the FLS sales staff to be lacking as well. Maybe I'm lucky because their lack of responsiveness has delayed me in placing an order with them, and now I might not bother. I emailed FLS a few months ago about several inexpensive pieces that I was considering buying, and throughout my interactions, the salesperson who was working with was very slow in responding to my emails and phone calls (maybe because these pieces were not expensive, but I am planning to spend a lot more money to furnish my new house over the next year). When two or three weeks had gone by and he had not responded to my last request to give me a final price quote on the items I was ready to buy, I finally called FLS and asked for a manager. I ended up getting a price quote within a few days, but the price on one of the pieces had increased by 10 - 20%, and when I questioned it, the second salesperson responded like I was wrong or was lieing, when the mistake was obviously hers or the first salesperson's (I had a written quote that the other salesperson had emailed to me and referenced that document in my correspondence). Anyway, the whole experience definitely turned me off to FLS. Then, I had business in NC last week and made a side trip to High Point to look at furniture. FLS has a huge store filled with lots of nice furniture, but I didn't sense a commitment to customer service. None of the sale staff made any effort to help me.

Overall, after visiting several stores in NC last week, I'm probably more likely to purchase furniture locally if the prices are close. I'm not sure it is worth saving a few dollars and having to try to resolve problems long distance. Especially when these stores require cash or check payments, which removes a basic consumer protection that we have when paying with a credit card.

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I do not think the North Carolina furniture business is what it used to be. In fact, I am beginning to wonder if there is any furniture manufacturer worth much anymore unless you have $15,000 cash outlay for a double dresser. Sumpin' ain't right.

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I agree with the thumbs up for Boyles and thumbs down for FLS.

Althought we did not buy from either establishment, we had such a bad experience at FLS that they were out from the get go.

The salesman we met with said things along the lines of "The price I give you is the price you get. I'm not gonna eat a bigger discount"

What a jacka*&s!

Bottom line avoid FLS!!!!

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