garage door spring broken--help fixing?

redhareDecember 12, 2007

One of the huge springs for my garage door has snapped off the hook, and now door will not open. Is this something that can be fixed by me (relatively handy) or do I need a professional? If something a homeowner can do, where do I go to buy a new spring? Or am I doomed and should consider replacing door (wicked old and need to at some point anyway)?

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There are several types of springs depending on your door but most of them can be dangerous to replace. I recommend a door technician.

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Figures, tons of snow in forecast. Can I still use the door manually until the spring is fixed?

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You can probably open and close it manually but it will be very heavy. If you have a door opener don't use it as it will most likely strip the drive gear.

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Does this spring run along the top of the door from side to side (fastened to the header) or does it run alongside the horizontal track for the door?

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It's the big one on top. I know I can't fix this one by myself. Anyone in southeast MA available today? (Ha-Ha) And I do have an opener....

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Glad to hear you're letting a professional do this. More than one person has been killed or seriously injured messing around with garage door springs.

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