Palliser Quality???? Help please!

lardbucketOctober 13, 2009

Does anyone know anything about the quality of Palliser sofas and sleepers? Anyone own one? Thanks so much, Lardbucket

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I have had a leather sofa with two recliners and another recliner for 6 years now. Have not had any problems with the sofa. The recliner has had some "peeling" on the curved part where ones back of the knees would rub. I don't know if it cause my husband likes to sit on the floor with his back leaning on it or if that one piece is flawed. I should have called the store where I bought it when I first noticed it but I didn't. We aren't abusive to furniture so I probably could have had it repaired. My own fault for not following thru. As far as comfort, its really nice to sit on and mechanically it works well. I was told to make sure that you use the lever to raise and lower the footrest to recline, not to just push the footrest down without the lever.

I have the information on the style and such. If you need it I will dig it out. I bought mine from the Leather Gallery in Tampa, FL.

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Thanks for the response. I hate to ask you to dig out your paper work. But, if you have time, and you run across it, please let me know which group you have. Have the cushions sagged any? Thanks,

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Mine is the Tracer Series. I ordered it so that each piece of the sofa is on its own frame and the three pieces lock together. You could have it on one frame but there was a reason that it was recommended to have it 3 seperate pieces.

There are only two of us at home - my husband sits in the seperate recliner and I always sit on the one end of the sofa. My end may look like it sits a slight bit lower than the other two BUT the cushions have not collasped either on the head part or the arms. I have been really pleased with that aspect. I think I need to have my husband adjust the frame to make my end not look lower. We recently had tiled laid and the guys moving the furniture didn't realize it was on three frames. I think they caused mine to get out of line or something.

I just cleaned mine today. The leather is holding up well and except for the peeling, I am pleased. I could kick myself for not following through when I first noticed it.
Hopes this helps.

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Don't take my word for it go to the Compaint board and see how owners feel about their Palliser purchases.
We bought a bought a double leather chaise theater sofa and the
leather wore through and split in several places. We contacted the
retailer to get it fixed/replaced under thier 5 year warranty.
It took 6 months for Palliser to answer our retailer Hache.
They said we abused the couch. Two grown adults, no children or
pets can not abuse a couch just by sitting on it. On Pallisers
facebook page they said they send out technicians if there is
a problem. They even told me to contact the company directly which I did.
Again no technician came out. Again they said my husband and I abused the sofa. We have had leather couches in the past and they have lasted more than 10 years. We were even able to sell them when we changed decor. WIth the Palliser sofa our choices due to their terrible leather quality made in Mexico are to throw out the sofa, put a sofa cover on it or tape them up. Palliser
quality is terrible and they don't honor their 5 year warranty.

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Anngi it sounds like the leather on your set is a pigmented leather where the surface is more or less painted on the surface with a pigment. Going forward if you get another leather set get a full aniline leather where the leather is dyed all the way through. Due to the location of the Palliser facilites in Mexico and Canada it is difficult if not almost impossible to return sets to the factory. I would go back to your retailer and ask that they contact Palliser to address this problem. Find out exactly what their warranty covers and how long the leather coverage is. Most warranties cover the leather against defects and this does sound like a defect. If you purchased an extended warranty some of these do cover cracking and peeling of leather. In the end I would go back to your retailer as they sold you the set and let them work with the manufacturer.

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Freethinker99 thank you for the advice. From the rips I can see that the leather is only dyed on the surface so then it isn't a full aniline leather. I went to the retailer. Palliser took 6 months to get back to them and then said we abused it. My husband and I just sat on the couch. I don't consider that abuse. I then went to Palliser myself on facebook where I saw several other consumer complaints. I posted about my sofa and was told by Palliser to contact them.
They advised others with quality issues and myself that a technician would come out to see the couch. No one ever came out.

My couch is on a 5 year warranty. Unfortunately it seems Palliser has a history of saying the customer abused the sofa so they don't have to honor their own warranty. Our last leather sofa lasted 10 years and never wore. We just sold it when we moved. I am embarrassed to have guests see this sofa. We are probably just going to tape up all the rips and have slipcovers made for it. I just want to warn people about Pallliser's lack of quality or integrity. I can't believe such a large company operates this way.

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