Grease Gun Not Working Properly

dgoodmanDecember 7, 2006

Hello All,

I have a basic grease gun. It is the type that is pumped manually.

This past weekend I replaced the grease cartridge. This involved pulling the spring loaded plunger back into the locked position, removing the old/empty cylinder, sliding the new cylinder into the pump (with caps removed of course!), screwing the cap/pump back into place, and unlocking the plunger causing it to slide back into the gun.

Problem: When I pump the gun, no grease comes out. Help?

Side note: I saw a post from someone else having a gun get stuck on the fitting, and someone else responded that the just give it a twist. That solution works for me too.

Thanks in advance for your help/advice.



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Did you take the cover off the top of the cartridge?

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As I said, "sliding the new cylinder into the pump (with caps removed of course!)".


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Many cartridges come with a metal pull tab unde the cover on the end.
Did you see grease at least on one end (some use a plunger to mimize leakage on the piston end)?
Grease guns are pretty simple devices. About the only thing that can go wrong is the spring plunger hanging up and then no grease is forced into the feed chamber.
A corroded drive piston could allow to much leakage, but that is pretty rare on soemething normally pretty well covered in grease.

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An air pocket at the nozzle end of the grease gun could cause this problem. Try removing the cartridge (with the plunger locked back, of course) and make sure the grease is all the way at the business end before reinstalling.


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I vote for the air pocket. I've had that happen.

Some grease guns have a little air bleed valve near the nozzle that can be depressed to help purge the air in the front end of the gun. At least, mine has one.

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